Our research department is constantly working on new and innovative solutions in order to add value for you. The ideas for such solutions can either come from a more quantitative, academic background or have a more qualitative nature, such as thematic indices. The inspiration for these index concepts derives from both the capital markets and your needs.

Our approach

  • Relevant

    We deliver the full value-chain from a thought provoking concept to an investable index in today’s capital markets.

  • Proactive

    We work proactively with our clients and partners to truly understand their needs.

  • Value-adding

    We think outside the box and create investment ideas that add value to our clients' product portfolios.

Konrad, Head of Research

Our research team delivers the full package, from thought-provoking concepts right through to investible indices with ongoing support. We achieve this by proactively taking inspiration from our clients and the markets. We use our qualitative and quantitative knowledge and expertise, and work closely with our internal partners to deliver investment ideas that generate demonstrable value for our clients.

Konrad, Head of Research

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