ESG Services

Our offering goes beyond the provision of indices: we are committed to advise our clients and support them towards achieving their ESG objectives with extensive and continuous assistance through a variety of services, thanks to our long-standing expertise and our strategic partnerships.

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  • Data

    Covering the present, exploring the future
    From traditional environmental metrics to forward-looking indicators and market-leading solutions in emerging themes like biodiversity: Our strategic partner companies offer the full range of data relevant for today and the future.

    Alternative asset classes
    We provide ambitious investors the tools to leverage regulated EU carbon markets through our partnership with Spark Change - from using EU Carbon Allowances as an innovative offsetting mechanism to identifying the impact of carbon prices on companies' P&L.

  • Product

    Portfolio Alignment Analysis
    Through our partnerships with right. based on science, Minerva and Iceberg DataLab, we provide product providers a multitude of valuable services like temperature alignment portfolio analysis, supporting climate reporting in line with the TCFD requirements, as well as SDG assessments.

    Regulatory Compliance
    Looking for your product to comply with regulatory or voluntary (labelling) requirements? We support your goals with our expertise, the right data, and the necessary product design features. Managers required to benchmark their SFDR Art. 9 funds to EU Climate benchmarks profit from our broad and cost-efficient offering with the ability to tailor the benchmark to their needs.

  • Stewardship

    Sustainable Stewardship
    Collaborating with our partner Minerva, we offer institutional investors a wide range of sustainable stewardship services, including proxy voting, stewardship engagement support, and sustainable stock lending. This allows our clients to actively engage with investee companies on climate matters.

    Custom Proxy Services
    Vote your values with integrated TCFD, Climate Change and Sustainability Guidelines: Minerva gives investors a “Say on Sustainability” with a range of integrated stewardship tools including proxy research, custom proxy voting guidelines and sustainability governance ratings.


The wide range of services we provide is supported by our Solactive-backed, strategic partners. Each of them contributes in innovative ways to the evergrowing ESG eco-system. Together we share the belief  in the power of data and technology and are committed to offering  market-leading client service at a fair price. Learn more about  our strategic partners below:

  • Minerva Analytics empowers investors with tools and data to make informed sustainable stewardship and voting decisions. Through a comprehensive suite of tightly integrated services, Minerva supports better stewardship with high-quality data, objective research, and superior, fully customizable proxy vote administration.

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  • SparkChange is a technology platform and financial product ecosystem for investors seeking exposure to physical carbon allowances and innovative carbon data tools. Having launched the world's first ETC backed by physical European carbon allowances, Spark's data solutions help organisations prepare for the opportunities and risks associated with a higher carbon price in the future.

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  • Iceberg Data Lab is a Fintech providing science-based ESG data solutions to financial institutions. Alongside its full-range offering of climate data, Iceberg DataLab is the leading provider of data quantifying companies' impact on biodiversity - recognized by many as the crucial challenge for modern societies alongside climate change.

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  • Frankfurt-based right. based on science was founded in 2016 and measures the contribution of companies, buildings or portfolios to climate change. Backed by the peer-reviewed XDC Economic Climate Impact Model, the forward-looking climate impact data is expressed tangibly and easy to interpret in °C.

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