Welcome to the Solactive FAQ page. Here you'll find helpful information on our teams, file offerings, methodology, and day-to-day operations.

FAQ- File handling

  • Daily Opening and Closing Index files which contain all constituents, weights, and aggregate index level details as well as
  • Pro-Forma files.
  • The proprietary Daily Corporate Action File (DCAF) is also sent on a daily basis.

These are the common file offerings but this remains a non-exhaustive list.

The Pro-Forma file forecasts the expected index composition, including future rebalancing’s as well as adjustments following a corporate action event in order to facilitate trading and risk management. The files normally reflect share impacting corporate actions which became effective between the selection/fixing day and the day of the generation of the files.

If there is a multi-day rebalance, the Pro-Forma files (delivered before the 1st day of the rebalance period) reflects the final target shares/weights of the rebalance. It does not reflect the weight/shares path of each day of the rebalance period.

Further, the Pro-Forma file does not reflect suspension treatment that are to be applied to the index on rebalance date.

The Daily Corporate Action File (DCAF) is the primary source of information on upcoming corporate actions within indices. The DCAF, with its improved machine readability and expansion capacity, was designed to facilitate the automated consumption of corporate action information, enabling the timely and efficient integration of the growing volume and complexity of corporate action information. Solactive AG uses the DCAF to supply details on every part of an event and its corresponding treatment, allowing for clear definitions and descriptions of the upcoming events. A technical description of the file can be viewed at  https://www.solactive.com/documents/dcaf-description-file/

The default run for file delivery is the following:

DCAF                                                                                                                           – 19:30 pm CET / 13:30 pm EST Approximately
Opening/Closing Files                                                       – Between 23:15 pm – 00:25 am CET / 17:15 pm -18:25 pm EST
Pro-Forma Files (when applicable)   – Between 23:15 pm – 00:25 am CET / 17:15 pm -18:25 pm EST 

Pro-Forma files are delivered during the period between selection and rebalance days. The new composition and weighting are determined based on input data as of the selection day’s close of business (COB). Depending on the complexity of the selection process and involvement of third parties, it may take several days to perform the selection and subsequently provide the files. Generally, Pro-Forma files can be available starting as early as one day after the selection day and at the latest on the rebalance day. Between that the Pro-Forma delivery start day and rebalance day, the files are delivered on a daily basis.

Usually Solactive AG strives to select the index and provide the Pro-Forma files as early as possible after the selection day.

Daily Opening and Closing Index files are sent via one of two methods at the discretion of the client. Either via E-mail or via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Receiving both forms is also possible.

For Opening/Closing and Pro-Forma Files the following formats are commonly used:

Opening Closing
Default Opening_ISIN_YYYYMMDD.csv/xls YYYYMMDD_ISIN.csv/xls

*Where first date represents the day when the files are  generated, and the second date is the  rebalancing day COB


Intraday Pro-Forma Files

These are commonly used file name conventions, however, it is a non exhaustive list. 

FAQ - Timing

The intraday Pro-Forma file is generated once, as soon as the selection is prepared and is usually included as an attachment in the announcement email. It reflects the future composition post-rebalance but does not incorporate adjustments for future corporate actions and prices. It uses prices as of the selection/fixing day for calculating index shares and only considers corporate actions occurring between the selection day and the file’s generation date.

Daily Pro-Forma files are automatically generated each day before a rebalancing at night CET time (from the day the results are made available until 1 day before the rebalance day COB). These files also reflect the anticipated index composition, considering day-to-day price changes as well as corporate action events effective on the day the files are generated.

The daily Pro-Forma files are created and delivered usually after the global markets close, between 11 pm and 1 am CET.

In case of an unexpected delay in the delivery of files, we inform the clients via their provided E-mail addresses, indicating that files are expected to be delivered later than the specified window to ensure accuracy. Once we have delivered the delayed files, Solactive AG will promptly follow up to inform clients that file distribution has been completed.

FAQ - Error handling

Solactive AG has developed a comprehensive Incident Management framework which covers the identification, resolution, communication and subsequent retrospectives and reviews linked to incidents which may occur in performance of day-to-day activities. This applies consistently across all clients and all activities.

The Incident Response Framework considers four main stages :

  1. identification of a new incident
  2. assessment of the difference between the broken and desired status,
  3. correction of the incident
  4. appointment of the resolved status

Incident Identification

An Incident may either be identified by Solactive AG, or in some exceptional cases by the user. In all cases, an initial communication will be provided to Index users by e-mail to inform that Solactive AG is aware of a potential incident, that it is being investigated, and that further feedback will be provided as soon as possible. The distribution lists are maintained and updated by the respective Solactive AG operational teams and will be used appropriately, depending on the nature of the incident and specific business activities affected.


Once a potential incident has been identified, an Incident owner is appointed and will coordinate the Assessment. This may involve numerous technology and Index Management teams and will result in a clear understanding of the overall scope and impact of the incident. It will lead immediately to the Correction step


Correction of the incident is governed by an Action and Communication plan defined by the Incident Owner (and other stakeholders) and is coordinated through a dedicated internal communication channel. Corrective actions will be pursued and an escalation to Senior Management initiated if the incident has been classified with a certain severity level. Regular updates will be provided to Index users during the duration of the correction process. The impacted indices will be recalculated and corrected closing levels and files redistributed as required.


On completion of corrective actions and return of the operational status to normal, a final “Resolved” communication will be provided to the Index users. Depending on the classification of the Incident, a retrospective review may be scheduled, to assess the root cause of the incident, and to assign further remediation steps to prevent such incidents from re-occurring. An Incident Report could be prepared and submitted to the Index users, providing a summary of the incident itself, detailed description of the Root cause and immediate corrective actions, along with an action plan (with deadlines) for further remedial actions to prevent re-occurrence.

Solactive AG strives to calculate its Indices with the greatest possible efforts to ensure their accuracy. Nevertheless, errors in the Index determination and calculation processes may occur from time to time. Errors that may arise will be handled according to Solactive AG’s Correction Policy (found here:  https://www.solactive.com/documents/correction-policy/ ).  If there is any incorrect information or variable affecting the incorrected calculation of the Index/Indices, Solactive AG will promptly notify all affected clients via their provided E-mail addresses, that firstly, we have identified the error and Solactive AG will rectify this error leading to the regeneration of all affected files received by the client. This will be followed up with a second E-mail to notify clients that the changes have been completed and the revised files will overwrite the previously incorrect files.

Solactive delivers a variety of informative E-Mail notifications including regular ECA (Extraordinary Corporate Action) announcements and advanced notifications for complex CA and ECA events plus notices informing clients of file delivery delays, intra-day ad hoc corporate action adjustments as well as correction of incorrect files. Solactive AG also uploads extraordinary corporate action treatments on the website via announcements. Lastly Solactive AG’s proprietary DCAF also serves to notify clients of relevant corporate action event information and its corresponding treatment.

FAQ - Misc

The treatment of Corporate Actions is designed to aim at replicability, consistency, continuity and minimized turnover. Implementation is handled according to the Equity Index Methodology (Found here:  https://www.solactive.com/documents/equity-index-methodology/ ). Furthermore, given the complexities involved in some cases, additional resources for Extraordinary Corporate Actions (ECAs) have been made available. Details for this framework can be found here:  https://www.solactive.com/documents/guidelines-for-extraordinary-corporate-actions/.

Solactive AG maintains a continuously updated Withholding Tax Rate table that can be found here:  https://www.solactive.com/documents/withholding-tax-rates/.  Updates to this table will also be reflected in website announcements as they may occur.

The days in which the particular index level is calculated, also known as the calculation days (i.e. excluding any scheduled holidays or days on which trading has been disrupted for other reasons) is known for every index. For Solactive administered Indices, calculation days as well as the relevant exchange holidays followed by the particular index can be found in the dedicated index guideline.

The application of FX rates in closing calculations is handled according to the Equity Index Methodology (Found here:  https://www.solactive.com/documents/equity-index-methodology/ ) and is subject to the established specifications of the individual Index Guideline. The closing prices of Index Components may be converted to the index currency using a fixing rate provided by WM/Refinitiv (the “WM/Refinitiv Rate”), either at 16:00 p.m. London time or 16:00 p.m. New York time as specified in the respective Index

General documentation regarding asset class methodology and operational policies can be found in the following location  https://www.solactive.com/documents/  together with various other resources. For Solactive administered Indices, Index specific resources are also made available on  https://www.solactive.com/  using the search query, here you can find Index level data, identifiers and constituents as well as the finer details of the index itself such as its description, guidelines and factsheet.

Equity Core
Equity Core is responsible for the daily calculation and dissemination of Equity Indices, including related operational files and consistent constituent pricing. The team is also responsible for the screening, identification, verification, and implementation of all corporate actions, ensuring the application of corporate action adjustments are executed in line with the Equity Index Methodology. Equity Core is a key contact for the resolutions of various client queries ranging from Index level calculations and file delivery to applied treatment of corporate actions. The team’s presence in Hong Kong, Frankfurt, and Toronto ensures an adequate support infrastructure is available to our clients during the operating hours of global markets.

Equity Rebalance
The equity rebalance is part of the index management team, responsible for maintaining the rebalances of Solactive-administrated equity indices or indices where Solactive is the responsible selection party. This involves, aside from ensuring a smooth index adjustment, performing selections, calculating weights on a predefined schedule, and making the results publicly available. The team is responsible for the content of the Pro-Forma and T+ files.

Client Index Solutions
Our Client Index Solutions (CIS) team specializes in setting up and the management of   equity indices and custom baskets, allowing for the facilitation and execution of client-driven rebalancing  instructions.

For all queries apart from rebalance and selection, initial contact and communication may be sent to Equity Core via an e-mail to the  equity.ops@solactive.com  mailbox,

If escalation is required, the respective telephone numbers below can be used:

  • Frankfurt IM Equity Core Team Desk (09:00 CET to 18:00 CET):                         +49 69 719 160 410
  • Toronto IM Equity Core Team Desk (18:00 CET to 01:00 CET):                                  +1 647 946 23 80
  • Hong Kong IM Equity Core Team Desk (01:00 CET to 09:00 CET):                    +852 39 05 31 01

For all queries involving  rebalancing and selection  of Solactive-administrated  equity indices , you are welcome to reach out to the Equity Rebalance Team via e-mail to the following address:  equity.ops.rebalance@solactive.com

For all queries regarding the setting up and maintenance of custom baskets, please reach out to our Client Index Solutions team  via e-mail to the following address: client.index.solutions@solactive.com