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From highly flexible index development through to index calculation and administration, our range of services add up to a comprehensive package.

Index Development

The development of indices is one of our key areas of expertise. While new indices can be set up based on a client’s existing concept, they’re often the result of a client coming to us with a rough idea, or are based on a concept jointly developed with our client – a highly flexible approach.

Index Calculation & Administration

Full Spectrum of Services

Full Spectrum of Services

We offer you the full spectrum of services, from pure calculation of your indices to complete administration, including monitoring, identification, and implementation of corporate actions such as mergers, acquisitions or reorganizations of companies that can affect the value or composition of the index.

Outsourcing the Administration

Outsourcing the Administration

The benefits you enjoy by outsourcing the administration of your indices are numerous. The administration of indices is a multi-faceted and time-consuming task – one that we’re uniquely set up to perform. Furthermore, many of our clients establish compliance with the IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks by separating the administrator function from their own business. In this scenario the client has no discretion in the index and conflicts of interest can be avoided.

Taking Care of Corporate Actions

Taking Care of Corporate Actions

We monitor all corporate actions and any further events affecting the indices calculated in our platform. These events are tracked on a daily basis by our operations team and necessary changes to the index composition are implemented either based on the standard treatment defined in the index guideline or based on the decision announced by the index committee in case no standard treatment is defined.

The treatment of corporate actions in a standardized manner is both less risky for you and scalable for a large number of indices. Thanks to our economies of scale, you receive a cost effective, comprehensive and above all reliable service.

ETF Services

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ needs and our highly flexible IT infrastructure, we’ve been able to continually expand our services. With our offering of ETF services, we provide a wide range of solutions that meet the particular challenges faced by ETF/ETP providers.

  • iNAV/IOPV Calculation

    We offer real-time calculations of the Indicative Optimized Portfolio Value (IOPV) and Indicative Net Asset Value (iNAV) across all asset classes and replication methods.

  • PCF Creation

    We take care of the creation and dissemination of ETF Portfolio Composition Files (PCF) including customization of file formats, data validation and same-day application of corporate actions.

  • Factsheets

    Along with our other services, we offer production of the required factsheets including key statistics, performance analytics and risk exposure.


Complexity is part and parcel of our data-driven industry. We have to be agile and responsive, yet robust and reliable. Taming this complexity while being committed to innovation so that we gain that crucial competitive edge is what we work on. Every day.

Processing Big Data

Processing Big Data

While others just talk about big data, for us it is an integral part of the advancement and evolution of our indexing platform. Smart data solutions are essential to retain our independence and technological edge and this is the exclusive mandate of our data research and development center of expertise.

Using the latest techniques in artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and natural language processing, our data scientists are focused on sophisticated numeric and semantic-based data mining. Developing solutions for information and data extraction, as well as decision support. Transforming heterogeneous information sources into usable and accessible data. Innovating and designing novel ways to integrate cutting-edge methods into our index engineering solutions.

Turning Complexity into Simplicity

Turning Complexity into Simplicity

Our state-of-the-art calculation engine is at the heart of what we do. And our dedicated technology team is the genius behind this, responsible for the infrastructure, development, operation and maintenance of our IT engine.

High-performance, resilient and scalable platforms are our specialty. We combine expertise in organizing large volumes of information, integrating data providers and resolving complex calculations in a heartbeat.

The agile development environment is managed in a way that closely aligns development specialists with business teams, creating a highly effective and efficient development process and leading to a high degree of flexibility and rapid evolution in a controlled and extremely robust manner.

Solactive Unified Technology Platform

Solactive Unified Technology Platform

A well-resolved and consistently applied technology framework is key to our ability to deliver solutions across the business. Accordingly, we have built the Solactive Unified Technology Platform which sets standards and provides a coherent toolset, not only for the technology team, but also for the deployment of end-user tools complementing the core indexing activities.

Small-scale and nimble applications can be rapidly deployed within a harmonized and highly structured environment. When united with the power of our index calculation engine, this provides an unbeatable combination.

Technology, Made in Germany

Technology, Made in Germany

Security, integrity and availability are the cornerstones of any information business, and the design and operation of our technology infrastructure reflects this across all of its different components.

Primary and secondary data centers, geographically separated and continuously monitored from our own Operations Center. Online monitoring of business processes and network traffic with automated alerts and resource management tools.

The network architecture provides redundant paths for all connections, with multiple levels of physical and digital security, encryption, and intrusion detection and prevention. And, of course, we have well-established and robust contingency solutions, data backups and mirroring, and immediate failover capabilities.

All in a day’s work for the German index engineering specialists!

Proxy Voting & ESG Research

In May 2019, Solactive AG announced a strategic investment in Minerva Analytics – the proxy voting, ESG research and ratings firm.

Minerva Analytics empowers investors with tools and data to make informed sustainable stewardship and voting decisions. Through a comprehensive suite of tightly-integrated services, Minerva supports better stewardship with high quality data, objective research and superior proxy vote administration.

  • Proxy Voting

    Minerva has twenty years of experience in proxy voting and ESG research and shares with Solactive the same values
    and beliefs: belief in the power of data, belief in the value of choice, belief that great technology can offer a superior client experience, and belief in great client service at a fair price.

  • ESG Rating Service

    Minerva provides ESG rating service powered by the company’s unique analysis of ‘sustainability governance’, i.e., the way firms manage their sustainability agenda. The partnership between Solactive and Minerva helps Solactive to provide more quality choices in the ESG market.

  • Benchmarks on Sustainability

    Minerva provides a range of benchmarks incorporating the Minerva angle on sustainability. In the ESG market, we see regulatory change and customer drive converge in a tsunami of change. In a world where greenwashing is increasingly being evidenced and pointed at, Minerva provides a robust analytical framework.

As a Solactive company, Minerva is opening a presence in our offices of Frankfurt, Toronto, and Hong Kong to supplement its headquarters outside London.
Its ambition is to continue to expand our footprint in order to better serve its clients around the world.

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