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Explore how we combine Solactive's core DNA - innovative, fast, flexible, and cost-efficient index provision - with our client-first, open architecture approach to ESG.


Discover the three pillars of our ESG index offering and find the solution that’s right for you: readily-available, off-the-shelf core solutions, focused thematic ESG indices and Solactive’s market-leading customization capabilites. Our offering in these areas spans not only across asset classes, regions and size segments but also across the views and principles of our clients. Get started today!

  • Core ESG Solutions

    Core ESG Solutions

    Our ESG Core offering includes readily available index solutions for the timeliest ESG investment themes in the equity and fixed income space. Indices of our core offering can be used as underlyings of financial products, starting universes or for performance benchmarking.

  • Thematic ESG Solutions

    Thematic ESG Solutions

    The evolution of the ESG space captures many different areas of society and our everyday life creating various new investment themes along the way. Our thematic ESG offering spans a wide range of these themes and is growing as new trends emerge along the way.

  • Customized ESG Solutions

    Customized ESG Solutions

    Looking to implement your very own views on ESG topics? Look no further and leverage our teams’ expertise combined with our open architecture to create the index you’re looking for.

Core ESG Solutions

Our core ESG index offering includes readily available index solutions for the timeliest ESG investment themes in the equity and fixed income space. Our open architecture allows you to choose or combine different approaches amongst the following:




Indices tackling climate change have risen to the forefront of investors’ attention in recent years. Our multi-asset EU Paris-Aligned and Climate Transition Benchmark offering applies a consistent methodology across various relevant segments of global stock  and bond markets  . All indices are designed to comply with current EU regulatory requirements and  align with the IPCC’s 1.5°C scenario with no or limited overshoot.

 Index Guideline (Equity) |   ESG Methodology Statement (Equity) | Index Guideline (Fixed Income, EUR IG)  | ESG Methodology  Statement (Fixed Income, EUR IG)




The Solactive ISS ESG Screened Series includes only companies that operate in accordance with market standards on ESG norms and controversy screens (e.g. labor rights, UN Global Compact, Fossil Fuel, Oil Sands, Controversial weapons, tobacco, gambling, alcohol etc.). The series applies a consistent methodology across asset classes and various regional building blocks.

Index Guideline (Equity)  |  ESG Methodology Statement (Equity)  |   Index Guideline (Fixed Income)  |   ESG Methodology Statement (Fixed Income)






The indices of the Solactive ISS ESG Prime Series are built through a best-in-class approach based on the ISS ESG Prime Standard, thereby providing exposure to companies fulfilling highly-ambitious overall ESG requirements while adhering to a base layer  norms and activity-based exclusion policy.

Index GuidelineESG Methodology  Statement



Solactive ISS SDG Aligned Series

Provides exposure to companies with  net positive contributions to 17 SDGs, and no negative contribution to any individual SDG.

Index Guideline | ESG Methodology Statement

Solactive ISS SDG Leaders Series

Provides exposure to companies with significant net positive contributions to 17 SDGs, as well as no negative contribution to any individual SDG.

Index Guideline | ESG Methodology Statement




As one of the longest-standing green bond index providers in the market, our Solactive Green Bond Index Series provides core exposure to this ever more important segment of global fixed income markets. Our Solactive Social and Sustainability Bond Index offers a standalone strategy for the ‘S’ in ESG. The Solactive Blue Bond Index tracks bonds that aim to support clean water and oceans.

Index Guideline (Green Bonds) | ESG Methodology Statement (Green Bonds) | Index Guideline (Social and Sustainability Bonds)   |    Index Guideline (Blue Bonds)





Solactive has developed a range of biodiversity screened index strategies allowing investors to consider the impact of companies on biodiversity into their investments.  The biodiversity impact assessment is based on data by Solactive’s strategic partner Iceberg Data Lab. The series applies a consistent methodology across various regional building blocks.

Index Guideline (Eurozone) | ESG Methodology Statement (Eurozone) | Index Guideline (World)   |    ESG Methodology Statement (World)

Thematic ESG Solutions

As the ESG space evolves, thematic opportunities arise along the way.   We help our clients capture these opportunities by marrying our long-standing expertise and innovation power in thematic index construction with our  broad ESG offering.

As an industry leader in the thematic indexing space, we  strive to provide innovative solutions to our clients. Our capabilities in the ESG space complement our thematic innovation power.

Leverage our open architecture  to create custom ESG exclusion or integration policies within  thematic indices, let us guide you to regulatory and label compliance while adhering to the desired investment theme.

Explore our work:

Customized ESG Solutions

Our teams guide you through  the index design process ensuring your ideas and requirements are reflected at every stage. Rely on our  expertise  for all the challenges along the way.

The starting point and centerpiece of the index design process. Let us know your goal – high-level idea or fully matured methodology. Our teams will help you to identify and solve key opportunities and challenges.

Leverage our core benchmark and ESG solutions: Building-block options for your desired exposure across all major domains of global equity and fixed income markets with or without pre-defined ESG overlays.

Our open architecture approach allows you to work with the ESG provider of your choice or even utilize your in-house data. Open minded? Let our team point you towards the most suitable data for your goals.

We bring all pieces together while providing market-leading flexibility and speed to bring your idea to market as efficiently and cost effective as possible.

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