Solactive Country Classification

The Solactive Country Classification Framework is a rules-based model that classifies markets as either developed, emerging, or frontier. To assess the level of market development, Solactive uses common economic, financial, and institutional characteristics. Quantitative criteria, such as a country’s gross national income or its market size and liquidity, as well as qualitative criteria, as for instance market accessibility and efficiency, are incorporated into our framework.

Our Review Process

The Solactive Country Classification is reviewed annually in September. The resulting classifications are published in October and a market consultation is conducted. Each submission is reviewed carefully and will be taken into consideration for the final assessment. The final results of the annual review of the Solactive Country Classification are published in November. The new classifications will become effective as of selection days in April the following year.

How to participate?

Apart from the criteria outlined in our frameworks, the feedback from our clients is crucial for the final assessment. We therefore invite everyone to take part in the annual market consultation on the Solactive Country Classification.

Solactive Market Classification Frameworks

Click on the documents below to download our frameworks.