Solactive Future Trends – High Conviction Index Concepts – Relaunch 2021

High conviction themes for megatrend investing.

The Solactive Future Trends offer beta-exposure to long-term trends through a range of different indices. The idea is to anticipate megatrends that could significantly impact the world for at least the next decade. Megatrends are inevitable major long-term evolutions in society, economics, or the environment, that affect our lives while having an impact on politics.

We concentrate on major beneficiaries of particular trends and create indices in the following categories:

Future Technologies
Future of the Environment
Future Way of Life
Future Health and Well-Being

On the hunt for the next life-changing development, investors can adjust their portfolios around these trends as early as possible. Let’s tackle it now!

Please find a list of index concepts below:


Future Technologies

Solactive ARTIS® Automotive Ecosystem Evolution Index

Solactive ARTIS® Robotics and AI Index

Solactive ARTIS® Worldwide Connectivity Index

Solactive ARTIS® Quantum Computing Index


Future of the Environment

Solactive ARTIS® Clean Energy Index

Solactive ARTIS® Hydrogen Index

Solactive ARTIS® Sustainable Mobility Index


Future Way of Life

Solactive ARTIS® Future of Entertainment Index

Solactive ARTIS® Experience over Goods Index

Solactive ARTIS® Food Innovation Index


Future Health and Well-Being

Solactive ARTIS® Smart Healthcare Index

Solactive ARTIS® Future Fitness Index


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