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Future Trends Report 2024

The Solactive Research team is proud to present the latest edition of our annual Future Trends report. In the first quarter of every year since 2020, we try to anticipate the megatrends that could significantly impact the world and ultimately drive business growth for current and future corporations.

Our aim with this report is to look beyond the obvious and resist the urge to simply extrapolate current – already clearly visible and understood – trends, but to focus on the truly disruptive changes. Looking back at the history of engineering and business innovation, it is exceptional to see what can be achieved in a time horizon that spans multiple decades if there is sufficient urgency to find solutions. We therefore try to take the long view and focus on megatrends that will show their impact over the next 20 years rather than the next five. In a way, we are looking for those trends that are beginning today and that, when we look back in 20 years with the benefit of hindsight, will be the obvious choice for an early investment.

Predicting the future is hard of course and we will certainly not get everything right. We do, however, want to offer the readers of this report a fresh perspective on potential future investment opportunities and to create the basis for the construction of many more innovative thematic index strategies to provide investment opportunities.

We encourage you to get in touch with us to share and discuss your views, predictions, and ideas with us whether you agree or disagree with our take!

Read the full report here.