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Solactive starts the new decade with innovative research-driven indices – Introducing the Solactive Future Trends Index Series

Solactive kicks off 2020 with the release of a new major index family, concerning significant socio-economic trends set to shape society’s future way of life. The Solactive Future Trends Index Series offers a range of new index concepts in the field of megatrends and thematic investing. Megatrends, in general, are inevitable major long-term evolutions in society, economics, or the environment that affect society and possibly also have an impact on politics. Solactive’s approach focusses exclusively on anticipated future trends that will last for at least the next decade.

“Thematic investing gains in importance in the passive asset management industry and the Solactive Future Trends Index Series is our answer to the developments in the field of megatrend investing, says Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive.

The Solactive Future Trends Index Series is divided into four categories: Future Technologies, Future of the Environment, Future Way of Life, and Future Health and Well-Being, which, respectively, granulate dynamically into sub-indices for each category. At its inception, the Solactive Future Trends Index Series contains 18 distinct indices frequently utilizing Solactive’s proprietary natural language processing software ARTIS®, which identifies companies with exposure to different themes by analyzing hundreds of thousands of data sources. Solactive can maintain the indices’ pure-play characteristics bearing a minimum overlap between them.

Pfeiffer continues: “It is a living and breathing index family that constantly evolves and progresses as we observe new opportunities to create innovative index strategies mirroring vital and, potentially, Earth-shattering trends.

Dr. Axel Haus, Team Head of Qualitative Research at Solactive comments: “The world continues to change at a fast pace. However, it is difficult to predict what the next life-changing innovation will be. Based on today’s research and knowledge, we focus on the beneficiaries of multi-year megatrends. The Solactive Future Trends provide the means to incorporate the most promising future economic trends into long-term oriented investment strategies.”

All of the index concepts are available for licensing. Furthermore, Solactive’s efficient IT infrastructure allows product providers to mix and match different indices to create bespoke and tailor-made solutions, making it possible to create not only products on single indices but also to construct broader thematic investing concepts.