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Solactives pushes forward APAC expansion with the release of its first indices underlying Japanese Index Funds issued by Asset Management One

The Japanese market for passive investments prospers. According to various studies, this week, for the first time in history, Japanese investors have put more money into index funds than actively managed ones. At the same time, thematic investments have been gaining traction over the last couple of years, and it’s expected that the momentum of these strategic investment vehicles is going to accelerate even further, given the vast importance of future trends that are set to shape our next decade. Now, major Japanese Asset Manager Asset Management One combines the Japanese investor’s appetite for passive solutions alongside the rise in demand for thematic investments by leveraging Solactive’s experience in thematic indexing to release five Index funds tracking technological trends that have already reshaped society and, presumably, will alter the world population’s lifestyle.

“Thematic investments are an indispensable tool that investors should take a look at in order to benefit from trends shaping our future,” says Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive. “Asset Management One’s initiative allows Japanese investors to gain exposure to growth opportunities in rising industries and pioneering companies, giving investors the right tools to diversify their portfolios.”

The indices underlying the five index funds are the following:



Solactive Global Artificial Intelligence Index

Global securities from Developed and Emerging Markets active in the field of Artificial Intelligence, either by providing Hard- or Software.

Solactive Millenials Index

Companies that are driven by the consumption and behavior of Millennials in Developed Markets.

Solactive 5G Index

Securities that have business operations in the field of 5G in Developed and Emerging Markets.

Solactive Industrial Robotics & Automation Index

A portfolio of companies whose products and services are focused on robotics and automatization solutions in an industrial context.

Solactive FinTech Index

The performance of companies that have a unique combination of financial service expertise and technological prowess.

Solactive’s involvement with Asset Management One marks a key step in the company’s APAC expansion, which was kickstarted in 2018 with the opening of Solactive’s APAC office in Hong Kong. Pfeiffer continues: “The Asian market, and especially Japan, is crucial in order to accomplish our company’s vision. We are very proud to have our first indices underlying Japanese Index Funds, enlarging our footprint within the APAC region.”

Hiroshi Yuki, Managing Executive Officer, Head of Investment Trust Marketing Div. at Asset Management One comments: “Asset Management One is delighted to extend its product offering with the inception of these five innovative funds (named the One Focus funds) that allow investors to participate in significant and substantially growing themes. With Solactive, we have found a trusted partner who is a fast-growing global company emphasizing state of the art technology in its own corporate approach. We’d like to continue to make efforts to promote the One Focus intensely in Japanese investment trusts market where many actively managed thematic funds are still dominant.“