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Solactive Gains Market Share in Canada: 4th Largest Index Provider by AUM linked to Index ETFs as of year end 2020

TORONTO – Solactive expanded its global footprint with an office in Toronto in 2017 and has since seen exponential growth in North America, advancing to be the fourth largest Index provider in Canada for Index ETFs in 2020, measured by assets under management[1].

Top 5 Index Providers
by Index ETFs AUM Q4 2020 











“Solactive’s success came from new mandates and benchmark switches from the largest financial institutions,” comments Steffen Scheuble, CEO of Solactive. He continues: “The Canadian ETF market has always been a core area of focus. Establishing an office in Toronto adds to our 24-6 coverage across the globe, and the figures show our strong foothold in the passive investment industry since entering. We will keep focus on our three pillars of excellence: quality, price, and brand, for our clients, as we continue paving the way to increased market share.” 

Solactive gained ground among index providers since entering the Canadian market. 92 ETFs were issued with Solactive as an underlying index, resulting in 16.6% market share as of year end 2020. Solactive added 13 ETFs, representing 7.5% market share in 2020 of newly listed ETFs across 9 issuers. Asset wise, with underlying strategies on $16B of the overall market and $764M for the year 2020, the firm now has 12.5% market share of Index ETF new inflows in the Canadian market.

In 2020, the Horizons US Large Cap Index ETF & Scotia Canadian Bond Index ETF launches supported the traditional Equity and Fixed Income Index offerings of Solactive. The firm also developed topical Thematic and ESG products, used in the Mackenzie Global Infrastructure Index ETF CAD & Wealthsimple North America Socially Responsible Index ETF, respectively.

[1] As of December 31st, 2020 – Source: Data from National Bank of Canada
Top 5 Index Providers by ETFs AUM Q4 2020 – Source Data November 2020, from National Bank of Canada, scaled to 100.