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Solactive provides two new Social and Governance Indices for BBVA’s Sustainable ‘Quantitative Investment Strategies’

Solactive is pleased to strengthen its ties with BBVA once more in the course of the Spanish bank’s recent completion of its ‘Quantitative Investment Strategies’ (QIS). The two new indices rounding out BBVA’s sustainable-centered QIS are the Solactive BBVA ixS Global Inclusive Growth Index and the Solactive BBVA ixG Global Governance & Board Diversity Index. The indices offer investors an opportunity to invest in high-growth global companies that comply with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and are leading global companies in corporate governance, respectively.

“The latest release marks the completion of a very meaningful index range that gives investors the full spectrum of ESG investing,” comments Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive. “Solactive accompanied the creation of BBVA’s Quantitative Investment Strategies’ since its initial stages, and despite a challenging year 2020, we are happy that we’ve been BBVA’s well-trusted partner in this project.”

The Solactive BBVA ixS Global Inclusive Growth Index incorporates leading growing companies that are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development serves as a fundamental concept for a peaceful and prosperous society and contains, at its core, 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including, for example, Zero Hunger, Quality Education, and Gender Equality.

The Solactive BBVA ixG Global Governance & Board Diversity Index focuses on companies’ corporate governance, the G part of ESG. The index ranks companies by their overall Corporate Governance Score, bestowing companies with a better score for diversity on their board with greater weight in the final index.

In 2020, BBVA established its Quantitative Investment Strategies business offering investors broad access to ESG investing solutions. In total, Solactive delivered five indices for BBVA, tracking, besides the two new governance-tilted indices, global ESG leaders, and companies at the forefront of a green and sustainable global economy aligned with the EU’s Paris Aligned and Climate Transition Benchmark requirements.