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Solactive and GPR Collaborate With Global X Japan to Launch Innovative Index-Tracking REIT ETF to Provide Japanese Investors Access to the US Real Estate Market

Global Property Research (GPR), a Solactive portfolio company, has been servicing leading financial institutions globally since 1995 with sophisticated benchmark solutions specializing in listed property and infrastructure. Harnessing GPR’s expertise, Solactive is proud to further broaden its partnership with Global X Japan, collaborating yet again on another innovative product together. The Global X US REIT Top 20 ETF tracks the Solactive GPR US REITs Top 20 Index to provide Japanese investors access to the top twenty US real estate investment trusts (REITs) from different sectors.

The Solactive GPR US REITs Top 20 Index focuses on the most significant dividend-paying US REITs across major property sectors, including retail, tower, healthcare, residential, office, hotel, and industrial. These twenty REITs are selected for their liquidity and yield, delivering a streamlined approach to investing in the US market.

The ETF listed on 31 January on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with stock code 2018. 

Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive, commented“Leveraging GPR’s expertise in analyzing real estate markets, we have designed the Solactive GPR US REITs Top 20 Index that efficiently captures the largest and most actively traded US REITs. Through GPR’s extensive and unique proprietary database, which includes sector classification data, this index offers Global X´s end investors in Japan a well-diversified way to gain exposure to the largest players shaping the U.S. real estate landscape. Once again, we thank Global X Japan for their kind trust and look forward to deepening our partnership further with the Japanese ETF pioneer.