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Solactive and Vinter Collaborate to Release Solactive Vinter Crypto Top 200 Index

Solactive is proud to announce its collaboration with Vinter, a crypto index provider, to launch the Solactive Vinter Crypto Top 200 Index. Vinter’s expertise in the crypto area and Solactive’s overall index expertise and flexibility come together in the new index to offer investors a measure of the performance of the cryptocurrency market’s top players.

The Solactive Vinter Crypto Top 200 Index is designed to track the price movements of a portfolio of the top 200 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The index aims to provide a benchmark for investors seeking diversified exposure to the dynamic and evolving cryptocurrency landscape. To be included, cryptocurrencies should: 1) Have 90 days of price data; 2) Have a 30-day average daily trading volume above 1 million USD; 3) Have a market capitalization above 50 million USD at review date; 4) Not be classified as stablecoins or wrapped tokens in the Vinter Taxonomy of Crypto Assets (VTAXO); and 4) Enable a reliable calculation of their circulating supply.

Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive, commentedWe are excited to partner with Vinter for the first time to launch the Solactive Vinter Crypto Top 200 Index. As the cryptocurrency market continues to mature, investors are increasingly looking for transparent and robust benchmarks to guide their investment decisions. Pfeiffer emphasized the commitment of Solactive and Vinter to providing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of investors in the digital asset space. He added, “Leveraging Vinter’s and Solactive’s experience in index construction, we are confident that this index will serve as a potential valuable tool for investors navigating the cryptocurrency space.”

Jacob Lindberg, Chief Executive Officer at Vinter, said: “Solactive’s distribution and position as an industry force combined with Vinter’s technology and expertize marks a powerful alliance in the asset management industry. Our collaboration in launching the Solactive Vinter Crypto Top 200 Index underscores our shared commitment to innovation and equipping investors with robust, reliable tools for navigating this new market. We look forward to showcasing to the world what we have planned for the future.”