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Solactive Announces the Ongoing Collaboration with Global X by Launching an ETF in Japan Tracking the Solactive 1-3 Month US T-Bill Index

Solactive is proud that Global X continues to leverage its fixed-income expertise for new ETF strategies. This time, tailored to Japanese investors, Global X Japan has launched the Global X Ultra Short-Term T-Bill ETF, tracking the Solactive 1-3 Month US T-Bill Index.

The underlying Solactive 1-3 Month US T-Bill Index focuses on short-term US Treasury bills, offering exposure to the highest quality segment of the US money market. Short-term Treasuries provide lower interest rate risk given their shorter maturity (1-3 months) while providing higher yields after the FED’s rate hikes. This makes it an attractive option for investors seeking stability and minimal credit risk.

The ETF listed on 31 January on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with stock code 133A.

Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive, commented“Our client’s trust is vital for Solactive to keep growing and developing innovative index solutions. This is the third Global X ETF tracking the same Solactive index, this time in the Land of the Rising Sun, demonstrating their ongoing trust in our capabilities. Especially in Japan, where interest rates are still comparatively low, this product can provide a low-risk higher-yield alternative to traditional savings accounts. We are grateful to Global X Japan for their continued partnership and look forward to collaborating with them on more innovative solutions in the future.