Solactive Canadian Select Short Term Bond Index

Name ISIN CouponMaturityWeighting
BRITISH COLUMBIA PROV OF CA110709GB20 2.712/18/20220.60
RIOCAN REAL ESTATE INVST CA766910AW33 3.72504/18/20230.51
FEDERATION DES CAISSES CA31430WAA23 2.09101/17/20220.42
TOYOTA CREDIT CANADA INC CA892329AW32 1.7507/21/20210.23
FORD CREDIT CANADA CO CA34527ABT66 2.7102/23/20220.52
CAMECO CORPORATION CA13321LAH11 3.7511/14/20220.21
WELLS FARGO & COMPANY CA949746SY82 3.18402/08/20240.92
BANK OF MONTREAL CA06367X7W56 2.2707/11/20221.80
CANADA HOUSING TRUST CA13509PFY49 1.7506/15/20226.27
NATIONAL BANK OF CANADA CA63306AFX96 2.98303/04/20240.25
CANADIAN GOVERNMENT CA135087G732 109/01/202213.91
INTER PIPELINE LTD CA45834ZAQ24 2.73404/18/20240.16
DAIMLER CANADA FINANCE CA23384NAY37 2.2312/16/20210.32
PROVINCE OF ONTARIO CANADA CA683234HC51 9.507/13/20222.40
WELLS FARGO CANADA CORP CA94975ZBN56 3.4601/24/20230.45
CANADA HOUSING TRUST CA13509PDL46 2.412/15/202210.16
PROVINCE OF ALBERTA CA013051DX27 1.609/01/20220.47
CANADIAN GOVERNMENT CA135087G328 0.503/01/202210.47
BROOKFIELD ASSET MAN INC CA11257ZAD11 5.0403/08/20240.25
TELUS CORP CA87971MAX17 3.7501/17/20251.43
SUN LIFE FINANCIAL INC CA86682ZAD83 4.5708/23/20210.06
BRITISH COLUMBIA PROV OF CA110709BJ01 3.2512/18/20210.75
JOHN DEERE CANADA FND IN CA47787ZBU53 2.6309/21/20220.22
CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK CA13596ZSZ94 2.307/11/20221.62
ALIMENTATION COUCHE-TARD CA01626PAF32 3.05607/26/20240.26
FED CAISSES DESJARDINS CA31430WAB06 2.39408/25/20220.35
PROVINCE OF ALBERTA CA013051DG93 2.5512/15/20221.13
ROYAL BANK OF CANADA CA780086NV20 203/21/20221.35
HSBC BANK CANADA CA40427HTB91 2.1706/29/20220.57
CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK CA13596ZE680 2.4712/05/20221.16
NATIONAL BANK OF CANADA CA63306AGD24 2.54507/12/20240.51
ROYAL BANK OF CANADA CA780086KD58 1.96803/02/20222.03
TORONTO-DOMINION BANK CA891160K519 1.99403/23/20222.39
ALIMENTATION COUCHE-TARD CA01626PAC01 3.89911/01/20220.09
PROVINCE OF QUEBEC CA74814ZEL37 3.512/01/20224.21
CANADA HOUSING TRUST CA13509PDB63 2.6503/15/20223.88
VW CREDIT CANADA INC CA918423AQ79 3.2503/29/20230.26
BMW CANADA INC CA05590HAX58 2.1511/26/20210.09
DAIMLER CANADA FINANCE CA23384NBH94 3.308/16/20220.28
HSBC BANK CANADA CA40427HTC74 2.54201/31/20230.85
ONTARIO (PROVINCE OF) CA68323AEA84 1.3503/08/20228.68
BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA CA0641514V23 2.9804/17/20232.03
FORD CREDIT CANADA CO CA34527ABV13 3.34909/19/20220.42
BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA CA064151F246 2.3611/08/20221.80
GENERAL ELEC CAP CANADA CA36158ZBV72 4.601/26/20220.20
CANADIAN GOVERNMENT BOND CA135087UM44 9.2506/01/20220.11
ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS IN CA775109BA89 403/13/20240.43
CANADIAN GOVERNMENT CA135087ZU15 2.7506/01/20227.00
FIRST CAP REALTY INC CA31943BBV14 4.7908/30/20240.50
CHOICE PROPERTIES REIT CA17039AAB22 4.90307/05/20230.14
VW CREDIT CANADA INC CA918423AS36 3.711/14/20220.26
PROVINCE OF QUEBEC CA748148NX70 9.37501/16/20231.34
TORONTO-DOMINION BANK CA8911452R48 2.62112/22/20210.95
BMW CANADA INC CA05590HAV92 2.5708/06/20210.14
INTER PIPELINE LTD CA45834ZAN92 2.60809/13/20230.11
TOYOTA CREDIT CANADA INC CA892329AY97 2.0202/28/20220.47
BANK OF MONTREAL CA06367V6B64 2.1203/16/20221.35

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