Solactive Biodiversity Index Concept

Solactive takes up challenges of measuring biodiversity impact together with our ESG data partners.
We present innovative biodiversity index concepts that can adapt to your ESG objectives.

“Biodiversity – the diversity within species, between species and of   ecosystems – is declining faster than at any time in human history.”


– IPBES Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, 2019

Biodiversity Supports Beyond Our Economy

  • Valuable nature’s services – food, water, clean airs, flood prevention, carbon storage, and 70% of cancer drugs
  •  Protection  – healthy biodiversity helps us adapt to climate change and build resilience against extreme events


Biodiversity Crisis is a Business Crisis

  • Physical risks for business and supply chain disruptions
  • Biodiversity loss aggravates climate change and makes us more vulnerable to extreme events


The Next Frontier

Sustainable businesses that preserve biodiversity will lead the race in this structural shift.

Nature loss puts

50% of global GDP at risk




USD $2.7 trillion

per year is needed to unlock 80% of business potential towards a nature-positive future




Our Approach

Biodiversity Impact, Scientifically Measured.

Solactive Biodiversity Index

We are good at

Our Baseline Solutions

that can be tailored to your need.





Solactive Iceberg Data Lab Biodiversity Index


Solactiv Vigeo  Eiris Biodiversity Index


Solactive  Verisk Maplecroft  Natural Capital Aware Government Bond Index



  • Best-in Class Screening
  • Positive Screening
  • Tilting of Weights
  • ESG Data Provider: Iceberg Data Lab
  • ESG Data Provider: Moody’s ESG Solutions
  • ESG Data Provider: Verisk Maplecroft
  • Developed Markets
  • Developed and Emerging Markets
  • Developed and Emerging Markets
  • Filter: Iceberg Data Lab Biodiversity Footprint in terms of Mean Species Abundance (Km2/MSA)
  • Filter: Commitment on Protection of Biodiversity Scores
  • Filter: Natural Capital Scores




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Jennifer Steding, Head of Strategic Initiatives

In Solactive, we  do not take sustainability issues lightly. Together with our ESG data partners, we established several innovative biodiversity index concepts with robust scientific-metrics that can be adapted to your ESG objectives.


Jennifer Steding, Head of Strategic Initiatives

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