Solactive Canadian Select Universe Bond Index

The Solactive Canadian Select Universe Bond Index is designed to measure the performance of the Canadian investment grade bond market (government and corporate bonds) by selecting a representative group of bonds.

Name ISIN CouponMaturityWeighting
CANADIAN NATL RESOURCES CA13638ZDC64 3.4212/01/20260.12
INTER PIPELINE LTD CA45834ZAN92 2.60809/13/20230.05
FIRST CAP REALTY INC CA31943BBV14 4.7908/30/20240.21
CANADIAN GOVERNMENT CA135087E679 1.506/01/20262.61
CANADIAN GOVERNMENT CA135087G328 0.503/01/20223.65
EPCOR UTILITIES INC CA29410ZAF23 5.6511/16/20350.10
ONTARIO (PROVINCE OF) CA68323AEA84 1.3503/08/20223.40
PROVINCE OF QUEBEC CA74814ZER07 3.512/01/20451.47
IGM FINANCIAL INC CA449586AB26 612/10/20400.19
ONTARIO (PROVINCE OF) CA68323AAY07 3.506/02/20431.72
FAIRFAX FINL HLDGS LTD CA303901AW28 4.9503/03/20250.11
HYDRO ONE INC CA44810ZAD20 6.3501/31/20340.42
CAMECO CORPORATION CA13321LAH11 3.7511/14/20220.09
LOBLAW COMPANIES LIMITED CA53947ZAD92 6.4502/09/20280.34
ROYAL BANK OF CANADA CA780086NV20 203/21/20220.57
GREATER TORONTO AIRPORTS CA39191ZAC38 7.106/04/20310.25
PROVINCE OF QUEBEC CA748148NX70 9.37501/16/20230.50
BANK OF MONTREAL CA06367X7W56 2.2707/11/20220.86
CANADA HOUSING TRUST CA13509PDB63 2.6503/15/20221.36
SHAW COMMUNICATIONS INC CA82028KAW14 3.803/01/20270.36
CANADA HOUSING TRUST CA13509PFR97 1.1512/15/20211.06
BELL CANADA CA07813ZBT09 3.5503/02/20260.71
NOVA SCOTIA POWER INC CA66988ZAX74 5.6711/14/20350.08
ALIMENTATION COUCHE-TARD CA01626PAF32 3.05607/26/20240.11
CHOICE PROPERTIES REIT CA17039AAB22 4.90307/05/20230.08
CU INC CA12657ZAS26 6.503/07/20390.32
FORD CREDIT CANADA LTD CA34527ABH29 3.27907/02/20210.15
FEDERATION DES CAISSES CA31430WAA23 2.09101/17/20220.13
CANADIAN GOVERNMENT CA135087D507 2.2506/01/20252.54
ENBRIDGE INC CA29251ZAD92 7.2207/24/20300.17
AEROPORTS DE MONTREAL CA007863AG88 5.47204/16/20400.06
CANADIAN GOVERNMENT CA135087ZS68 3.512/01/20452.92
CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK CA13596ZSZ94 2.307/11/20220.61
BC FERRY SERVICES INC CA110574AF73 5.58101/11/20380.05
BROOKFIELD RENEWABLE PAR CA11282ZAA62 3.75206/02/20250.20
BC FERRY SERVICES INC CA110574AH30 4.70210/23/20430.05
HSBC BANK CANADA CA40427HTB91 2.1706/29/20220.24
PROVINCE OF ONTARIO CANADA CA683234HC51 9.507/13/20220.95
ALTAGAS LTD CA02138ZAQ69 3.9810/04/20270.08
CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY CA13645RAZ79 3.1503/13/20290.08
PEMBINA PIPELINE CORP CA70632ZAK71 4.0203/27/20280.25
ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS IN CA775109BA89 403/13/20240.21
BROOKFIELD ASSET MAN INC CA11257ZAD11 5.0403/08/20240.11
LOWER MATTAGAMI ENERGY CA548243AF18 4.94409/21/20430.06
ENBRIDGE GAS DISTRIBUTIO CA29290ZAA80 6.911/15/20320.20
NATIONAL BANK OF CANADA CA633067W902 1.80907/26/20210.23
PROVINCE OF ALBERTA CA013051DX27 1.609/01/20220.19
PROVINCE OF SASKATCHEWAN CA803854JT61 3.402/03/20420.48
BMW CANADA INC CA05590HAR80 1.7810/19/20200.06
FORD CREDIT CANADA CO CA34527ABT66 2.7102/23/20220.27
ROYAL BANK OF CANADA CA780086KD58 1.96803/02/20220.86
NOVA SCOTIA POWER INC CA66988ZBB46 4.1503/06/20420.12
CANADIAN GOVERNMENT CA135087F585 0.7509/01/20213.69
ENBRIDGE INC CA29251ZBK27 3.206/08/20270.38
TORONTO-DOMINION BANK CA8911452R48 2.62112/22/20210.40
NORTH WEST REDWATER PRT/ CA663307AJ55 4.1506/01/20330.57
BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA CA064151UU54 1.8304/27/20220.76
FORTISALBERTA INC CA34957ZAA27 4.9901/03/20470.06
CANADA HOUSING TRUST CA13509PFY49 1.7506/15/20222.22
CANADIAN GOVERNMENT CA135087YQ12 406/01/20412.59
GENERAL ELEC CAP CANADA CA36158ZBV72 4.601/26/20220.09
CANADIAN GOVERNMENT CA135087G732 109/01/20224.37
NOVA SCOTIA PROVINCE CA669827FW28 4.706/01/20410.20
WESTCOAST ENERGY INC CA95751DAP74 7.312/18/20260.14
BMW CANADA INC CA05590HAT47 1.8812/11/20200.11
RIOCAN REAL ESTATE INVST CA766910AW33 3.72504/18/20230.22
BRITISH COLUMBIA PROV OF CA110709FY32 4.9506/18/20401.01
WELLS FARGO & COMPANY CA949746SY82 3.18402/08/20240.47
LOWER MATTAGAMI ENERGY CA548243AB04 5.13905/18/20410.08
ENBRIDGE PIPELINES INC CA29250ZAX65 3.5202/22/20290.36
TERANET HOLDINGS LP CA880789AB84 4.80712/16/20200.17
HYDRO-QUEBEC CA44889ZCN48 602/15/20400.81
WELLS FARGO CANADA CORP CA94975ZBN56 3.4601/24/20230.23
GREAT-WEST LIFECO INC CA39138CAD89 6.6703/21/20330.08
EPCOR UTILITIES CA29410ZAH88 6.6504/15/20380.10
ENBRIDGE GAS DISTRIBUTIO CA29290ZAC47 6.1612/16/20330.20
PROVINCE OF QUEBEC CANADA CA74814ZEH25 4.2512/01/20211.71
TELUS CORP CA87971MBJ14 3.305/02/20290.33
HYDRO-QUEBEC CA448814HZ92 502/15/20451.07
HSBC BANK CANADA CA40427HTC74 2.54201/31/20230.37
VW CREDIT CANADA INC CA918423AS36 3.711/14/20220.07
INTER PIPELINE LTD CA45834ZAQ24 2.73404/18/20240.07
PROV OF NEW BRUNSWICK CA642866FZ57 4.5503/26/20370.29
GREATER TORONTO AIRPORTS CA39191ZAA71 7.0506/12/20300.27
ALTALINK LP CA02135ZAA45 5.24909/22/20360.21
BRITISH COLUMBIA PROV OF CA110709FL11 4.706/18/20370.66
BELL CANADA CA07813ZBV54 2.908/12/20260.62
MANITOBA (PROVINCE OF) CA563469EZ40 5.703/05/20370.53
PROVINCE OF QUEBEC CA74814ZEF68 512/01/20411.36
CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK CA13596ZE680 2.4712/05/20220.44
BRITISH COLUMBIA PROV OF CA11070TAF53 2.8506/18/20250.81
TRANSCANADA PIPELINES CA89353ZBE75 6.2805/26/20280.37
TOYOTA CREDIT CANADA INC CA892329AW32 1.7507/21/20210.10
CANADIAN GOVERNMENT CA135087ZU15 2.7506/01/20222.45
DAIMLER CANADA FINANCE CA23384NAY37 2.2312/16/20210.12
PEMBINA PIPELINE CORP CA70632ZAF86 4.2406/15/20270.32
FED CAISSES DESJARDINS CA31430WAB06 2.39408/25/20220.11
PROVINCE OF ALBERTA CA013051DK06 3.4512/01/20430.95
FORTISALBERTA INC CA34957ZAP95 4.5410/18/20410.07
ONTARIO (PROVINCE OF) CA683234B984 4.6506/02/20411.79
NAV CANADA CA628957AE23 7.5603/01/20270.06
SUNCOR ENERGY INC CA86721ZAM10 309/14/20260.28
UNION GAS LTD CA90664ZAS98 6.0509/02/20380.19
MANITOBA (PROVINCE OF) CA563469FL45 4.603/05/20380.72
ALIMENTATION COUCHE-TARD CA01626PAC01 3.89911/01/20220.04
BRITISH COLUMBIA PROV OF CA110709BJ01 3.2512/18/20210.66
AEROPORTS DE MONTREAL CA007863AF06 5.6710/16/20370.12
PROVINCE OF SASKATCHEWAN CA803854JJ89 503/05/20370.25
TORONTO-DOMINION BANK CA891160K519 1.99403/23/20221.01
DAIMLER CANADA FINANCE CA23384NAV97 1.9107/08/20210.13
NAV CANADA CA628957AC66 7.406/01/20270.07
UNION GAS LTD CA90664ZAX83 2.8811/22/20270.14
ONTARIO (PROVINCE OF) CA683234YD42 4.706/02/20371.40
407 INTERNATIONAL INC CA35085ZAD83 5.9612/03/20350.69
ENBRIDGE PIPELINES INC CA29250ZAG33 5.0812/19/20360.09
SUN LIFE FINANCIAL INC CA86682ZAD83 4.5708/23/20210.03
PROVINCE OF ALBERTA CANADA CA013051DB07 4.512/01/20400.23
TORONTO HYDRO CORP CA89119ZAC73 5.5405/21/20400.16
PROVINCE OF QUEBEC CA74814ZEK53 4.2512/01/20431.11
CANADIAN GOVERNMENT BOND CA135087D358 2.7512/01/20482.65
FAIRFAX FINL HLDGS LTD CA303901AY83 4.712/16/20260.14
NOVA SCOTIA PROVINCE CA6698278Z37 4.406/01/20420.22
CANADIAN GOVERNMENT BOND CA135087UM44 9.2506/01/20220.04
ALTALINK LP CA02135ZAD83 4.87211/15/20400.21
ALTAGAS LTD CA02138ZAP86 4.1204/07/20260.13
BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA CA064151F246 2.3611/08/20220.87
TOYOTA CREDIT CANADA INC CA892329AY97 2.0202/28/20220.20
JOHN DEERE CANADA FND IN CA47787ZBS08 1.8503/24/20210.12
CU INC CA12657ZAM55 5.03211/20/20360.35
CANADA HOUSING TRUST CA13509PDL46 2.412/15/20223.59
CANADA HOUSING TRUST CA13509PFA62 1.9512/15/20252.77
VW CREDIT CANADA INC CA918423AQ79 3.2503/29/20230.07
BROOKFIELD ASSET MAN INC CA11257ZAE93 4.8201/28/20260.18
HYDRO ONE INC CA44810ZAB63 6.9306/01/20320.54
TELUS CORP CA87971MAX17 3.7501/17/20250.64
PROVINCE OF QUEBEC CA74814ZES89 3.7509/01/20242.48
PROVINCE OF QUEBEC CA748148RW51 1.6503/03/20220.11
PROV OF NEW BRUNSWICK CA642866GA97 4.809/26/20390.39
PROVINCE OF QUEBEC CA74814ZDK62 512/01/20380.74
PROVINCE OF ALBERTA CA013051DG93 2.5512/15/20220.46
Rogers Communications Inc CA775109BJ98 3.2505/01/20290.35
BANK OF MONTREAL CA06367V6B64 2.1203/16/20220.64
ONTARIO (PROVINCE OF) CA683234ZP62 4.606/02/20391.49
ONTARIO (PROVINCE OF) CA68323ACC68 3.4506/02/20452.46

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