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Solactive Launches new Energy Infrastructure Enhanced Index, to Capture Growth Opportunities within Energy Infrastructure in the United States and Canada

Solactive has announced the launch of Solactive Energy Infrastructure Enhanced Index, which is designed to represent the performance of companies in the energy infrastructure and renewable electricity sector. The index utilizes a modified equal-weighting methodology, which takes into account factors such as company size, quality, and growth performance. This approach ensures a balanced representation of the sector’s key players. With a regional focus on the United States and Canada, the index captures the growth potential and opportunities within the energy infrastructure market in these regions.

The Index is tracked by the Goldman Sachs North American Pipelines & Power Equity ETF which will provide investors exposure to equity securities of U.S. and Canadian listed companies, including companies secreted as Master Limited Partnerships (MLP), operating in the pipelines and power universe. The ETF’s quarterly rebalancing frequency ensures that it remains aligned with the evolving market landscape and captures the most up-to-date representation of the sector.

The ETF has been listed on the Cboe BZX Exchange under the ticker symbol “GPOW” on 13 July 2023.

Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive, commented: We are pleased to collaborate with Goldman Sachs Asset Management in bringing forth this exciting investment solution. The launch of the ETF tracking the Solactive Energy Infrastructure Enhanced Index demonstrates our shared commitment to meeting the evolving needs of investors in the dynamic energy infrastructure and renewable electricity industry.”

Kyri Loupis, Co-Chief Investment Officer of the Liquid Real Assets business in Fundamental Equity within Goldman Sachs Asset Management, said: “As one of the largest asset managers in the energy infrastructure sector, the launch of GPOW further demonstrates the expertise of our business. We have designed a product for clients that we feel provides more complete exposure to the energy infrastructure sector relative to other investment options –including conventional energy businesses, master limited partnerships, and renewable companies– while also being packaged in a tax efficient vehicle that applies the principles of active management in a rules-based framework.”

Michael Crinieri, Global Head of Exchange Traded Funds at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, stated: “The launch of GPOW furthers our commitment to the energy sector by delivering a transparent and innovative investment solution that meets our client’s needs. GPOW’s underlying Index was developed with input from our energy specialists and reflects the global breadth and expertise of our franchise, combined with the fundamental thought process of our Fundamental Equity portfolio managers. We look forward to the potential long-term impact in this industry by delivering our clients diversified exposure to the energy sector focused both on quality and growth.”