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Solactive and SILEX Join Forces to Launch the Solactive Euro 40 Biodiversity on Land Index

Solactive is pleased to announce its collaboration with SILEX, an independent investment group, on the launch of the Solactive Euro 40 Biodiversity on Land Index. Developed with the support of ISS ESG, a specialist in ESG research, this index is designed to stand up for the preservation and conservation of biodiversity of our planet.

The Solactive Euro 40 Biodiversity on Land Index is made up of 40 Eurozone stocks and represents a significant step towards promoting environmental sustainability and responsible investing. This index aims to raise awareness and drive investments towards companies actively engaged in protecting and restoring biodiversity on land. The selection of components is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) rating module calculated by ISS ESG, which assesses the positive or negative impact of companies on the achievement of two SDGs linked to the theme of Biodiversity on Land: SDG 15 Earth Life and SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production.

The companies included in the index are subject to strict ESG criteria, including the exclusion of those that do not comply with international standards (UN Global Compact, OECD Guidelines, SDGs, and ILO conventions). In addition, controversial companies such as those involved in tobacco, fossil fuels, and arms are also excluded.

Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer of Solactive, comments: Partnering with SILEX not only harnesses the power of sustainable investing but also puts ESG at the core. This index provides a unique opportunity for investors to contribute towards the crucial cause of biodiversity preservation, reflecting our commitment to a well-thought-out adaptation strategy that prioritizes the importance of our planet Earth.

Xavier Laborde, co-founder and CEO of SILEX, comments: “ESG is one of our strong convictions. Investing in companies that are virtuous for our planet, respect international standards and are well managed ensures greater visibility of the business model and therefore better management of risks and performance”.