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DWS Launches Three Thematic ETFs in One Day Tracking Solactive Indices

Thematic investment has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity, capturing the attention of investors in recent years. This approach involves allocating assets into stocks or other investments based on specific business sectors or themes, with the goal of capitalizing on emerging trends, technological innovation, and advancements.

Envisaging this potential, Solactive is pleased to announce that DWS launched three thematic ETFs on the same day tracking the Solactive Semiconductor ESG Screened Index, the Solactive United States Green Infrastructure ESG Screened Index and the Solactive Cyber Security ESG Screened Index.

The ETFs listed on the Nasdaq under stock codes CHPS, UPGR, and PSWD, respectively.

All three indices meet specific sustainability criteria, including adherence to UNGC standards, business involvement criteria, and a minimum ESG Risk Score. The Solactive United States Green Infrastructure ESG Index encompasses companies involved in producing, generating, or distributing green energy or in developing sustainable infrastructure to support renewable energy utilization. The Solactive Cyber Security ESG Screened Index represents securities associated with cybersecurity operations that meet specific sustainability criteria. Similarly, the Solactive Semiconductor ESG Screened Index includes securities from the semiconductor industry that adhere to certain sustainability standards.

Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive, commented: “Thematic investments play a vital role in capturing the essence of evolving markets and sectors. At Solactive, we are dedicated to equipping our clients and their clients with the means to navigate these dynamic themes. We are honored by DWS’s continued trust in Solactive and look forward to the next collaboration.”

Oliver Souliac, Head of Indexing at DWS Group said: “We believe thematic investment products are becoming an increasingly important component in a global equity portfolio. UPGR, CHPS and PSWD seek to provide cost-competitive index-tracked access to themes with the potential for impact on the economy in the near and longer term. Cost efficiency is an important consideration for thematic investors looking to carry a theme over a longer period of time.”