Solactive Emerging Markets Thematic Index Series – On a Long-Term Growth Path

Publication: January 2021

Global Emerging Markets are on a long-term growth path. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world and worsened poverty and starvation in many areas globally, it may hopefully turn out to be just a speed bump for the very long-term economic growth – despite all human tragedy and suffering.

As in our thematic index series Solactive Future Trends, we also intend to look beyond short-term developments in this Emerging Markets Thematic Index Series and focus on megatrends that will remain relevant over the next years and decades. The index constituents profit from a prospering Emerging Markets’ population, technological advancement, and establishing partnerships such as trade agreements. The index concepts cover the fields of technology & digitalization, consumption, healthcare, and trade. The methodologies vary according to the best fit to represent the respective investment theme.

  • Solactive EM Digital Innovation Index
  • Solactive Asia Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Index
  • Solactive EM Internet Platform Index
  • Solactive Greater Bay Digital Innovation Index
  • Solactive EM Next-Level Consumption Index
  • Solactive EM Consumer Index
  • Solactive China Outbound Tourism Index
  • Solactive EM Healthcare Index
  • Solactive RCEP Index
  • Solactive One Belt One Road Index

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