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Mirae Asset Global Investments Hong Kong Launches ETF Tracking Solactive China Little Giant Index

Mirae Asset Global Investments Hong Kong has launched their new China Little Giant ETF that seeks to track the performance of the Solactive China Little Giant Index, which selects fifty innovative Chinese companies designated by the government as “Little Giants”.

Little Giants are small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are considered strategically important in technological areas such as biotechnology, renewable energy, information technology, and advanced manufacturing1. These enterprises are expected to play a key role in China’s ambitious plan to upgrade its manufacturing sector, known as “Made in China 2025” (MIC 2025). It aims to achieve independence from foreign technology, become the global technological superpower via breakthrough advances in key sectors, elevate Chinese product quality, and help Chinese brands go global2.

The Solactive China Little Giant Index measures the performance of the companies that meet the criteria of being Little Giants and are listed on the Shanghai or Shenzhen stock exchanges. Components are selected and weighted by market capitalization, with additional screens for liquidity. The index rebalances semi-annually to ensure continued representation of the Little Giants.

The Global X China Little Giant ETF listed on 20 November 2023 on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with stock code 2815. 

Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive, commented“With the Mittelstand often being described as the heart of Germany’s economy, the ambitions behind China’s government to support Little Giants and cultivate an environment of stable growth is very familiar to us. We are delighted to partner with the thought leaders at Mirae in Hong Kong again and provide the index for their new cutting-edge China Little Giant ETF. This product offers investors a unique opportunity to access a dynamic and innovative segment of the Chinese economy that is often overlooked by traditional benchmarks.”

Mr. Wanyoun CHO, Chief Executive Officer of Mirae Asset Global Investments (Hong Kong) Limited, stated: “We are pleased to launch the Global X China Little Giant ETF (2815), providing investors with a simple and efficient way to invest in China’s rapidly growing technology industry. By introducing this ETF into our thematic product lineup, Mirae Asset continues to offer our clients investment products with growth potential. With the transformation of China’s overall economic structure and the continued development and upgrading in high-tech fields, we believe that the development of the innovative technology sector will be long-term and sustainable.”


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