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DWS Launches Xtrackers with Solactive Whitney Index Prioritizing US Critical Technologies and Minimizing Geopolitical Risks

Solactive is pleased to announce that DWS has launched the Xtrackers US National Critical Technologies ETF, which tracks the Solactive Whitney U.S. Critical Technologies Index. The index is designed to track companies that support critical emerging technologies in the United States and its allies.

The primary focus of the Solactive Whitney U.S. Critical Technologies Index is on sectors and companies that align with modernization priorities and contribute to minimizing geopolitical risks. The index identifies constituents based on their affiliation with 14 technology sectors prioritized by the U.S. government and through an evaluation of geostrategic risk factors.

The Solactive GBS Developed Markets Large & Mid Cap USD Index forms the basis of the index universe, which consists of large and mid-cap companies in developed market countries. To be included in the index, companies must be associated with one of the 14 critical technology sectors and receive a high geostrategic risk rating score, as determined by the selection criteria. 

The Xtrackers US National Critical Technologies ETF listed on 16 November on the NYSE with the ticker CRTC

Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive, commented“We are excited to collaborate with DWS on this ETF, which leverages our index expertise to offer targeted access to U.S. companies driving the modernization of strategic industries while also considering national security implications through our risk rating methodology.”

Our new Xtrackers US National Critical Technologies ETF leverages a unique geostrategic risk rating intended to provide investors with exposure to sectors and companies aligned to technologies of strategic importance. We hope it will help our clients prepare their investments against certain geostrategic interdependencies. We are genuinely pleased about this addition to our range of thematic ETFs focusing on key strategic trends”, said Olivier Souliac, Head of Indexing Xtrackers Products at DWS.