Market Consultation


Solactive AG has decided to conduct a Market Consultation with regard to replacement of the data source used to compute several datapoints of the selection process.

Details can be found in the attached documents.

The data from different sources is used for the selection of the indices above, Thomson IBES being one of them. Due to licensing restrictions, this data source (Thomson IBES) will no longer be available for use in above listed Solactive Indices in the future.

Henceforth, the data source ‘Thomson IBES‘ will be replaced by ‘Factset’.  The data points of Factset shall reflect identical financial ratios as Thomson IBES. As these financial ratios are estimated values, however, a deviation may occur which could lead to a different result in determining the index components compared to using the Thomson IBES data source.

The index guidelines for the above listed Indices explicitly mention Thompson IBES as the data. Accordingly, the index guidelines will be amended to reflect such replacement of the data source.

Stakeholders and third parties who are interested in participating in this Market Consultation, are invited to respond until 30 August 2019, cob.