[UPDATE] Ordinary Index Rebalancing in the Solactive Equal Weight Canada REIT Index | Extraordinary Implementation Treatment | March 2022

Solactive as the Index Administrator has decided to implement effective open 21.03.2022 in the ordinary rebalance the composition announced on 17.03.2022 with the following deviation from the weighting scheme provided for in the index guideline.

The index component Slate Grocery REIT (Ticker SGR) will be initially assigned a weight of zero. This decision takes into account the fact that, in the opinion of the Index Administrator, the liquidity for Slate Grocery REIT (Ticker SGR) is currently not sufficient to ensure an appropriate replication of the index. In particular, the remaining period between the announcement of the new composition and the rebalancing, as well as the invested volume in financial instruments linked to the index were taken into account. In order to weight Slate Grocery REIT (Ticker SGR) in the index as quickly as possible in accordance with the index methodology, the index will be reweighted effective on 04.04.2022 open. The equal weights will be fixed on the 24.03.2022. On the open of 21.03.2022 the other index components will be included in the index with equal weighting among each other as fixed on 11.03.2022.