Press Releases

Solactive releases Three Thematic Index Families

Solactive’s three new families of indices address the following themes – National Defense, Aging of America, and Artificial Intelligence. The indices utilize a proprietary Natural Language Processing algorithm, which identifies the constituents for the new index families through the processing of large data sets.

The Solactive Aging of America Index family includes companies providing either therapy to treat diseases disproportionately affecting seniors or age-restricted services such as senior housing facilities. Companies operating in the field of artificial intelligence, including, for example, those working on the development of machines’ ability to perform cognitive tasks commonly attributed to the human brain, are included in the Solactive Artificial Intelligence Index family. The Solactive National Defense Index family comprises companies holding a key exposure to defense-related expenditure by the United States or foreign governments. Furthermore, Solactive constructed overlay indices based on the aforementioned base indices. These overlay indices include a volatility target and are calculated on an excess return basis.

“With the design of these new index families’ methodology and their seamless implementation, we demonstrated our flexibility to tailor our index offering to every possible degree,” comments Timo Pfeiffer, CMO of Solactive.

The Solactive Aging of America Indices, the Solactive Artificial Intelligence Indices, and the Solactive National Defense Indices (calculated in Total Return, Price Return, and Excess Return versions) went live on the 10th of June.

Solactive has entered into a license agreement with Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC in connection with the three thematic index families.