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Solactive Enlarges its Cross-Asset Product Line with WABIG, a Global Broad Bond Investment Grade Index

FRANKFURT AM MAIN – With the latest rises in interest rates, a new era for Fixed Income has started. In the light of this perspective, Solactive is pleased to announce the addition of a broad, investible bond index to its offering, which comes to enlarge the German index provider’s cross-asset range of products. The Solactive World All Bond IG Index (WABIG) is a benchmark that aims to measure the performance of a global investment grade bond universe that includes bonds issued by central governments, government-related issuers, and corporates, as well as securitized debt instruments. The benchmark is designed to provide a broad coverage of local currency debt from developed and emerging markets according to the Solactive’s Bond Market Classification. The product is a multi-currency, flexible, and comprehensive benchmark.

With greater focus on more liquid securities, the investible bond index aims to provide clients with a replicable and more cost-efficient benchmark compared to current market offerings. The Solactive World All Bond IG Index counts on more than 23,000 securities and 2,300 issuers covered, representing more than USD 50 trillion in market capitalization.

Designed to achieve a high degree of customization at scale to bring innovative indexing solutions, the index is a rule-based product promoting transparency, consistency, and robust governance. It also offers integration with the broader multi-asset and multi-style suite of Solactive indices to address nuanced client requirements based on criteria such as maturity, geography, ESG exclusions among others – as well as state-of-the-art data infrastructure powering quick execution. The Solactive World All Bond IG Index covers 80 countries and 28 currency markets.

Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer of Solactive, comments: “We are very happy to bring the Solactive World All Bond IG Index solution to the market, which shows our strong commitment to a cross-asset offering in the light of rapid increase in rates globally. It also demonstrates our expertise in incorporating cutting-edge standards into our fixed-income indices, putting us on the next step in fixed-income investing space.”