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Solactive Collaborates with Goldman Sachs Asset Management to Launch Green Bonds ETF Tracking Solactive Bespoke Index

Goldman Sachs Asset Management has announced the release of the Goldman Sachs Global Green Bond UCITS ETF, tracking a proprietary index developed in collaboration with Solactive. This Exchange-Traded Fund is a passive green bond fund dedicated to tracking a bespoke index. It will make disclosures under Article 9 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

The Solactive Global Green Bond Select Index has been developed in partnership with Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s dedicated Green, Social and Impact Bonds team. It is crafted to mirror the performance of Investment Grade Green Bonds denominated in one of the G10 currencies. These bonds adhere strictly to the Goldman Sachs Asset Management Green Bond Assessment Methodology.

Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive, stated: We are thrilled to partner with Goldman Sachs Asset Management in the launch of the Goldman Sachs Global Green Bond UCITS ETF, tracking the Solactive Global Green Bond Select Index. This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to providing investors with investment solutions that align with their sustainability objectives, also in the Fixed Income space.“

Bram Bos, Global Head of Green, Social & Impact Bonds at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, commented: “Green bonds are an important source of investment to drive the climate transition, reflected in record issuance last year. The widening range of issuers include companies and governments around the world, seeking investment to drive their plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and guard against physical climate risks.”