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R+V Versicherung relaunches PrivatRente IndexInvest – Underlying Index now provided by Solactive

With over 8.8 million customers, the R+V Versicherung is one of the leading German insurance companies. In the continuously growing area of private retirement planning, R+V Versicherung recently relaunched its popular PrivatRente IndexInvest, a flexible pension product specially designed for conservative private investors. For the relaunch, which, among other things, simplifies the calculation of the index participation for private investors, Solactive developed a customized index exclusively for R+V Versicherung: the Solactive Multi Anlage Stabil Index (SOMAS), which serves as the new reference index for the new PrivatRente IndexInvest concept.

The Solactive Multi Anlage Stabil Index represents a broadly diversified investment universe and allocates large proportions of European and US equities, German and US government bonds, and investments in gold.

The broad diversification and a dynamic adjustment of the volatility level are used to achieve a specific predefined volatility target for the composition of the index. On the weekly selection day, the optimal weighting of the portfolio is determined anew each time to achieve the highest possible return in compliance with the predefined maximum risk level. The strategy of the Solactive Multi Anlage Stabil Index is, therefore, particularly suitable for defensive investors who are looking for a broadly diversified portfolio that offers a combination of risk-minimizing diversification and adequate returns. When the R+V-PrivatRente IndexInvest is launched, the Solactive Multi Anlage Stabil Index replaces a well-known index that combines the fifty largest European blue chips in one index.

“The private component of retirement planning plays a significant role for German investors in terms of old-age provision,” comments Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer of Solactive. “With the Solactive Multi Anlage Stabil Index and the popular PrivatRente IndexInvest from R+V Versicherung, investors not only benefit from the growth of two global economic hubs, but also from a low-risk profile achieved through the broad diversification of investments. We are very pleased to work with such an established institution as R+V Versicherung and look forward to future collaborations.”