Ordinary Adjustment | Solactive GBP IG Corporate Index TR | 28th September 2018

As part of the ordinary adjustment of the index, the composition of the Solactive GBP IG Corporate Index TR (DE000SLA5SM9) was reviewed on Tuesday, 25 September 2018 (Selection Day). The following changes to the index composition will become effective as of close of business on Friday, 28 September 2018 (Adjustment Day).


Issuer Name Coupon Maturity Date
AT&T INC 2.9 04.12.2026
BANCO SANTANDER SA 2.75 12.09.2023
QUADGAS FINANCE PLC 3.375 17.09.2029
BMW INTL INVESTMENT BV 1.875 11.09.2023
PEABODY CAPITAL NO TWO 3.25 14.09.2048
BANQUE FED CRED MUTUEL 1.875 13.12.2022
BLEND FUNDING PLC 3.459 21.09.2047
COMPASS GROUP PLC 2 05.09.2025
NIE FINANCE PLC 2.5 27.10.2025
SOUTH E POWER NETWORKS 5.625 30.09.2030
BANK OF MONTREAL 1.625 21.06.2022


Issuer Name Coupon Maturity Date
UNITE USAF II PLC 3.921 30.06.2025

For more details on the index composition and the adjustment rules applicable to an index, please refer to the respective index detail page on this website.