One-off Methodology Change (criteria relaxation) | Cannabis Index | Effective Date 14/08/2020

Today, on the 07/08/2020, Solactive announces the following one-off criteria relaxation to the methodology of the following index (the ‘Affected Index‘):




Cannabis Index




Rationale for one-off methodology change

Solactive has determined that due to the significant drop in the cannabis market, which has a negative impact on the Average Daily Value Traded (ADV) and the Market Capitalization (MCAP) of the respective stocks/companies in particular, there are not enough stocks/companies which fulfil the selection criteria. Even after applying the relaxed selection criteria (stated in section 2.1 of the index guideline), which are to be applied in case of not reaching 25 index constituents, only 23 companies fulfill these criteria.

One-off change to the Index Guideline

For the August Rebalancing, taking place on 14th of August, 2020 the Affected Index has no minimum number of index constituents. 



Defined terms used in this announcement, but not defined herein, have the meaning assigned to them in the respective index guideline of the Affected Indices.