Methodology Change | Solactive Global Technology Leaders | Effective Date 07/07/2020

Today, on the 03/07/2020, Solactive announces the following changes to the methodology of the following Indices (the ‘Affected Indices’):




Solactive Global Technology Leaders (CA NTR) Index



Solactive Global Technology Leaders NTR Index



Solactive Global Technology Leaders PR Index



Solactive Global Technology Leaders TR Index




Rationale for methodology change

Solactive has determined that the selection process of the FactSet Revere Business Industry Classification levels was not clearly defined with regard to the timeframe. Additionally, the initially stated list of eligible levels is a subject to review, therefore Solactive has decided that the more transparent way of publishing the Market watch would allow market participants not only to track the eligible universe of sectors, but also to provide valuable feedback.

Changes to the Index Guideline


Definition of the “Index Universe”:

Old text:

The above list of different RBICS levels will be reviewed by the Index Owner on an annually basis on the 2nd Wednesday of May of each year. In the event that additional or newly created RBICS levels relevant to the index theme are identified, those will be added to the index and announced publicly. Vice versa applies to selected RBICS levels that are not relevant to the index theme anymore.

New text:

The list of eligible RBICS levels shall be reviewed by the Index Owner on an annual basis on the 2nd Wednesday of May of each year. The results of the review shall be publicly available on the website of the Index Owner for review by market participants  in the first week of June of each year. The final review shall be published in the last week of June of each year. Each publication of the review shall be named as a “MARKET WATCH”.


The revised list of sectors that shall be eligible for inclusion until the last week of June of 2021 can be found here via this link.



Defined terms used in this announcement, but not defined herein, have the meaning assigned to them in the respective index guideline of the Affected Indices. The amended version of the index guideline will be available on the effective date.