Methodology Change | Solactive Future Cars Index, Solactive Global Cyber Security Index, Solactive Global Healthcare 20 Index, Solactive Global Innovation Index | Effective Date 18 April 2019

Solactive announces the following changes to the methodology of the following Indices (the ‘Affected Indices’):

Solactive Future Cars Index .SOLFCAR DE000SLA3WG8
Solactive Future Cars Index GTR .SOLFCART DE000SLA4ZX4
Solactive Future Cars Index NTR .SOLFCARN DE000SLA3WH6
Solactive Future Cars Index USD .SOLFCARU DE000SLA3272
Solactive Future Cars Index USD NTR .SOLCARU DE000SLA3280
Solactive Global Cyber Security Index .SOLGCY DE000SLA3WC7
Solactive Global Cyber Security Index NTR .SOLGCYN DE000SLA3WF0
Solactive Global Cyber Security USD Index NTR .SOLGCYUS DE000SLA5ZD3
Solactive Global Cyber Security USD Index PR .SOLGCYUP DE000SLA5ZE1
Solactive Global Healthcare 20 Index .SOLHEAL DE000SLA3WJ2
Solactive Global Healthcare 20 Index NTR .SOLHEALN DE000SLA3WK0
Solactive Global Innovation GTR Index .SOLEDGET DE000SLA5FJ2
Solactive Global Innovation NTR Index .SOLEDGEN DE000SLA5FK0
Solactive Global Innovation PR Index .SOLEDGE DE000SLA5FL8

Rationale for methodology change

The current definition “Adjustment Day” in the index guidelines of the Affected Indices has the effect that in certain circumstances (e.g. closure of an exchange) index constituents are not tradeable on their respective trading venue on such Adjustment Day. The methodology change is based on the consideration that the use of the Affected Indices as a reference object for financial instruments presupposes that (1) any exposure of an issuer of such financial instruments linked to the index can also be hedged in accordance with accepted market practice or (2) the relevant index is replicable by investing into the index constituents. This also presupposes that the trading venues for the index components are also open for trading on the relevant Adjustment Day. This shall ensure that an Affected Index can be used as a reference object for financial instruments.

The purpose of the change for the Affected Indices is,  that the index constituents to be removed, added or already included as part of the rebalancing can be traded on their trading venue on the respective Adjustment Day.

In case trading is not possible, e.g. due to  closure of a  trading venue, the Adjustment Day should be postponed to the next Trading Day, where all exchanges (for all index constituents) are open for trading.

Changes to the Index Guideline

In the definition of “Adjustment Day” in Section 4 of the index guideline a new second sentence will be included. The amended definition of “Adjustment Day” is as follows:

Adjustment Day” is the 3rd Friday in January, April, July and October. If that day is not a Trading Day the Adjustment Day will be the immediately following Trading Day.

Defined terms used in this announcement, but not defined herein, have the meaning assigned to them in the respective index guideline of the Affected Indices.