Methodology Change | BÖRSE ONLINE Globale Dividenden-Stars Index | Effective Date 27/03/2024

Today, on the 27/03/2024, Solactive announces the following changes to the methodology of the following index (the ‘Affected Index):




BÖRSE ONLINE Globale Dividenden-Stars Index



Rationale for Methodology Change

Solactive has determined that given the nature of the Customized index at hand, in accordance with our Methodology Policy, and taking into account its intended use and purpose, an index methodology change to stipulate the exclusion of the securities of Morgan Stanley (including affiliated securities) is in scope of the selection process.

Changes to the Index Methodology

The following Methodology changes will be implemented in the following points of the Index Guideline (ordered in accordance with the numbering of the affected sections):

Section 2.1.1 Index Universe Requirements

Addition of :

  1. Additionally, any listed securities of Morgan Stanley or affiliated companies are not eligible for the index selection.


The respective change will be accompanied by an extra-ordinary index adjustment taking place on the same day as the effective date of the change. 

Defined terms used in this announcement, but not defined herein, have the meaning assigned to them in the respective index guideline of the Affected Indices. The amended version of the index guideline will be available on the effective date.