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Horizons ETFs launches Uranium ETF with Solactive Index as the underlying

Solactive is pleased to announce the release of its Solactive Global Uranium Pure-Play Index (SOLGUPP) serving as the underlying for Horizons Global Uranium Index ETF (“HURA”).

With a mass that only makes up 0,0002 % of Earth’s crust, Uranium is a rare element. Its extraction process requires sophisticated machinery that can deal with the radiation this energetic commodity emits. Its unique feature is to be the only natural material that can keep self-sustaining nuclear fission, making it a valuable resource for humanity’s energy production.

Since 2013, the price for this radioactive commodity is on a decline. The latest news of an alleged undersupply of the element that was discovered in Germany in the year 1789, is expected to heat the holding basin, that in the previous year’s kept the material’s price cold. The ETF tracking the Solactive Global Uranium Pure-Play Index targets investors who believe the uranium prices to be at a turning point resulting in a higher profitability of companies active in that field.

Investors gain exposure towards companies, where a significant part of the business operations is or is expected to be related to the uranium industry. This includes, but is not limited to, uranium mining, exploration for uranium, physical uranium investments, and technologies related to the uranium industry. Furthermore, the index contains companies with an investment focus on the uranium sector (for example, companies that purchase and hold uranium oxide).

Timo Pfeiffer, Head of Research at Solactive, comments: “Solactive commits itself to identify trends in various asset classes to offer an added value to our affiliates. We are very proud to work with Horizons ETFs on this ETF release that gives investors access to engage in pure uranium players.”

Nick Piquard, Portfolio Manager and Options Strategist at Horizons ETFs, comments: “With Solactive’s support, we are once again able to offer another first: Canada’s first uranium ETF. With growing global demand for zero-emission-base-load-power sources, the future is bright for the uranium mining sector.”  

Current index components are for example NAK Kazatomprom OA, Cameco Corporation, and Uranium Participation Corporation. The index will be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) on May 16th under the ticker symbol HURA.