Guideline Change for the Stocks Leverage Index Family

A new section 2.7 has been added to the Guideline for the Stocks Leverage Index Family to clarify that an  index will be terminated if the index level of the index falls to zero as a result of a Restrike Event (as defined in the Stocks Leverage Index Family Guideline). If such an event occurs, the affected index is no longer usable and will therefore be terminated.

The new section 2.7 reads as follows:

“2.7 Termination of the Indices

If at the end of the Intraday Restrike Event Observation Period the level of the Index is calculated as zero, the Index is immediately terminated.

The Calculation Agent will announce such termination on its website www.solactive.com as soon as reasonably possible after such Intraday Restrike Event Observation Period.

For clarification, Solactive may terminate indices for other reasons and in accordance with Solactive’s policies.”