Double win for the innovative German index provider

Awarded “Smart Beta Strategy of the Year” by Structured Retail Products and “ETF Service Provider of the Year” by Acquisition International

The last months have been great for Solactive. The German index provider has been rewarded for its contributions in the smart beta space and for its specialised services. This has come in the form of two awards:

  • The Europe Structured Products & Derivatives Award 2017 organised by Structured Retail Products under the category Smart Beta Strategy of the Year for the Solactive Sustainable Development Goals World Index.
  • The 2016 Acquisition International Excellence Award for ETF Service Provider of the Year

Steffen Scheuble, CEO, Solactive AG, commented: “We are extremely pleased with this outcome.These awards show that our indexing infrastructure can be successfully adapted to satisfy a wide range of customers’ needs. This applies not only to the core indexing proposition in a narrow sense, but also to our specialised services around that, such as IOPV calculations.”

The Solactive Sustainable Development Goals World Index is a smart beta strategy tracking the performance of 50 low-volatility companies identified as making a significant contribution to the UN’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The index has been evaluated based on criteria such as price competitiveness, customer satisfaction and innovation. More recently, the index has been used as the underlying for equity-index linked bonds issued by the World Bank to support the UN’ SDGs.

The Solactive ETF Services division offers specialised support for ETF providers including iNAV/IOPV/IV calculations, PCF creation and production of the required factsheets. The ETF Services team has developed strong capabilities in all asset classes and complex procedure implementation for long-short, hedged, leveraged and smart beta strategies and ETP prices can be calculated in 158 hard and local currencies. With this service, Solactive proposes a cost-efficient solution to facilitate the trading of ETFs.