Correction | Solactive Alfa Life Technology VT Index | 7th March 2019

Due to a reference to incorrect values for determining the realized volatility used in the index calculation of    the Solactive Alfa Life Technology VT Index (DE000SLA6TW4) in the period from the 27th November 2018 until the 6th March 2019, the index levels were incorrect for that period. The index levels were restated from (and including) the 27th November 2018 up to (and including) the 6th March 2019. The corrected timeseries is displayed on the Bloomberg Terminal (Ticker: <SOLALTI>) as well as on the Solactive website (https://www.solactive.com/indices/?se=1&index=DE000SLA6TW4). For additional information please contact complex.ops@solactive.com.