Correction Index Guideline Solactive Alfa Life Technology VT Index

The Index Guideline of the Solactive Alfa Life Technology VT Index (ISIN: DE000SLA6TW4) has been amended with immediate effect, in order to correct a typo in the index description in order to provide a description that correctly reflects the intended and applied calculation method. The index’s objective of keeping the annualised volatility below or equal to 20 per cent can be better achieved by using the higher of the two values over the 20- and 60- day period in determining realised volatility. By using the higher value, the index would have a higher exposure to the  hypothetical money market position. This was also intended in the construction of the index.
The following change has been made to the formula of the realized Volatility (‘realizedVolt’) in  Section 3.1:
Instead of referring to the minimum of the 20- and 60-day standard deviation of the underlying basket it should correctly read ‘maximum’.

The latest version of the index guideline can be accessed by using the following link: