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Amundi Expands Successful Prime ETF Range With Solactive GBS Emerging Markets Index

When diversifying investments, asset owners can put their investments into various economic sectors or different international markets such as developed or emerging markets. Amundi now expanded its successful Prime ETF range with yet another low-cost ETF, the Amundi Prime Emerging Markets UCITS ETF, allowing investors to invest in emerging markets easily and consistently within the entire Prime Range. The ETF replicates the performance of the Solactive GBS Emerging Markets Large & Mid Cap USD Index and started trading on September 28th on XETRA.

When considering international markets, investors have the choice to select from two large clusters: developed markets, which include most developed countries in both economic and capital markets, and emerging markets, which display characteristics of developed markets but do not fully meet the criteria in terms of standards of living and the development of their infrastructure and capital markets. For decades, investors have put their investments in both emerging and developed markets to diversify their portfolios. The Solactive GBS Emerging Markets Large & Mid Cap USD Index, which is part of the Solactive Global Benchmark Series, intends to track the performance of the large and mid cap segment covering approximately the largest 85% of the free-float market capitalization in the Emerging Markets. The index is calculated in USD, and its constituents are weighted by free-float market capitalization.

Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive, comments: ”Our Solactive GBS Emerging Markets Large & Mid Cap USD Index offers logical and cohesive access to emerging markets, which owned their rightful place in investor’s portfolios for decades now. We are delighted that Amundi expands their Prime ETF range with our indices once more, and we are looking forward to jointly enable investors to further engage with high-quality benchmark offerings.”

Matthieu Guignard, Global Head of Product Development and Capital Markets of Amundi ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta, said: “Reflecting the purpose of our Prime ETF range, which is to provide the must-have building blocks for a diversified asset allocation, we are broadening our offering to include Emerging Markets equities exposure. With this latest addition to our range, we offer investors a competitive solution to access this promising market and incorporate this new essential investment exposure in their allocation.”