Press Releases

Amun AG choosing Solactive to provide Index Calculation for the World’s First physically backed Bitcoin and Ethereum ETP

Solactive is pleased to announce that Amun AG, the issuer the first two physically-backed crypto-currencies single-coin exchange-traded products, Bitcoin (BTC) ETP [Ticker: ABTC] and Ethereum (ETH) ETP [Ticker: AETH], has chosen Solactive’s ETF Services Department to perform the IOPV calculation and Portfolio Composition File (PCF) creation.

These ETPs grant investors the opportunity to participate in the performance of both the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency Bitcoin and smart-contracts platform Ethereum. The collaboration signifies Solactive’s ability to stretch beyond conventional index provider’s capabilities to process exotic indices, which lie outside of traditional assets classes such as Equities and Fixed Income.

Amun AG is a company specialized in the facilitation of investing in crypto-assets, allowing investors to access cryptocurrency markets via SIX Swiss Exchange, making it possible to buy physically backed Bitcoin and Ethereum in a professional and reputable jurisdiction without worrying about custody.

Fabian Colin, Head of Sales at Solactive, states: ”Being part of the first passively designed crypto ETP is a huge opportunity and denotes Solactive’s attitude to participate in the financial world’s progress. Furthermore, it highlights our proficiency to engage in less traditional asset classes, not just thinking but stepping outside the box.”

Hany Rashwan, CEO at Amun AG, comments: “We wouldn’t be able to innovate without our amazing partners and service providers. With Solactive, we found a highly competent group that was able to work with our needs quickly, creatively, and collaboratively. That’s been key to our success, and we look forward to building more together in the future.”