Termination of US 500 Futures Leveraged Indices

Following the recent market volatility, some US 500 Futures Leveraged indices reached a level of zero. Solactive AG has taken the decision to terminate the following Index/Indices with effect as of Effective date following the index levels reaching zero.

Ticker ISIN Effective date
.SOESF10L DE000SLA3QL0 2020-03-16
.SOESF12L DE000SLA3QN6 2020-03-09
.SOESF12S DE000SLA3QP1 2020-03-13
.SOESF15L DE000SLA3QQ9 2020-03-09
.SOESF15S DE000SLA3QR7 2020-03-13
.SOESF16L DE000SLA3QS5 2020-03-09