Methodology Change | ILIM Climate Focused Developed | ILIM Low Carbon Equity Income | Effective Date 02/11/2023

Today, on the 26/10/2023, Solactive announces the following changes to the methodology of the following Indices (the ‘Affected Indices’):

Solactive ILIM Climate Focused Developed Equity Index PR .SOILCFDP DE000SL0ETK5
Solactive ILIM Climate Focused Developed Equity Index NTR .SOILCFDN DE000SL0ETL3
Solactive ILIM Climate Focused Developed Equity Index GTR .SOILCFDT DE000SL0ETM1
Solactive ILIM Low Carbon Equity Income Index PR .SOILLCIP DE000SL0FPW5
Solactive ILIM Low Carbon Equity Income Index NTR .SOILLCIN DE000SL0FPX3
Solactive ILIM Low Carbon Equity Income Index GTR .SOILLCIT DE000SL0FPY1

Rationale for Methodology Change

The ‘DATA PROVIDER’ has opted to discontinue the data points associated with the Green Revenues Category and has chosen to substitute them with new ones.

Changes to the Index Guideline

The following Methodology changes will be implemented in the following points of the Index Guideline 2.2 SELECTION OF THE INDEX COMPONENTS:

From (old version):

Green Revenues Energy Efficiency Overall-Revenue Percentage
Green Buildings Overall-Revenue Percentage
Green Transportation Overall-Revenue Percentage
Renewable Energy Overall-Revenue Percentage
Water Overall-Revenue Percentage
Pollution Prevention & Reduction Overall-Revenue Percentage
Resource Efficiency Technologies & Services Overall-Revenue Percentage
Sustainable Agriculture, Food & Forestry Overall-Revenue Percentage

To (new version):

The new overall percentage is obtained by summing all the new fields to get the aggregated information that was provided by 1 legacy field ID, as instructed by the ’DATA PROVIDER’.

Green Revenues Technologies_Energy Efficiency Distribution
Technologies_Energy Efficiency Materials
Technologies_Energy Efficiency Industrials
Transmission_Energy Efficiency Distribution
Consumer Electonics_Energy Efficiency
Technologies_Green Buildings
Equipment_Green Buildings
Professional Services_Green Buildings
Acquisition_Green Buildings
Development_Green Buildings
Construction_Green Buildings
Renovation_Green Buildings
Technologies Maintenance_Green Buildings
Devices_Green Buildings
Technologies_Green Transportation
Batteries_Green Transportation
Urban_Green Transportation
Interurban Passengers_Green Transportation
Rail Infrastructure_Green Transportation
Low Carbon Infrastructure_Green Transportation
Technologies_Green Vehicles
Technologies_Renewable Energy
Solar PV_Renewable Energy Generation
Solar PV_Renewable Energy Support
CSP_Renewable Energy Generation
CSP_Renewable Energy Support
Wind_Renewable Energy Generation
Wind_Renewable Energy Support
Ocean_Renewable Energy Generation
Ocean_Renewable Energy Support
Hydropower_Renewable Energy Generation
Hydropower_Renewable Energy Support
Bioenergy_Renewable Energy Generation
Bioenergy_Renewable Energy Support
Geothermal_Renewable Energy Generation
Geothermal_Renewable Energy Support
Technologies Maintenance_Renewable Energy
Construction_Water Supply Services
Construction_Water Supply Infrastructure
Renewal_Water Supply Infrastructure
Construction_Wastewater Services
Construction_Wastewater Infrastructure
Renewal_Wasterwater Infrastructure
Hazardous Waste_Management
Technologies_Pollution Prevention
Non-Hazardous Waste_Recycling Services
Non-Hazardous Waste_Recycling Sales
Aquaculture_Sustainable Agriculture
Dairy_Sustainable Food
Food Distribution_Sustainable Food
Grocery Stores_Sustainable Food
Livestock_Sustainable Agriculture
Machinery_Sustainable Agriculture
Management_Sustainable Forestry
Manufacturing_Sustainable Agriculture
Non Perennials_Sustainable Agriculture
Packaged Food_Sustainable Food
Perennials_Sustainable Agriculture
Pesticides and Fertilizers_Sustainable Fertilizers
Wooden Goods_Sustainable Forestry

The use of the updated Green Revenues Category will be incorporated within the November 2023 rebalance.

Defined terms used in this announcement, but not defined herein, have the meaning assigned to them in the respective index guideline of the Affected Indices. The amended version of the index guideline will be available on the effective date