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Solactive Wins Climate Index Provider of the Year at Environmental Finance Sustainable Investment Awards

After a series of innovative climate-focused launches in both equity and fixed income for asset managers and issuers across Europe, Solactive was awarded as Climate Index Provider of the Year at the Environmental Finance Sustainable Investment Awards 2022.

Steffen Scheuble, Chief Executive Officer at Solactive, comments: “We are delighted to win the award as Climate Index Provider of the Year, which is a recognition of our dedication and hard work in the ESG space. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to sustainable and climate-focused investing – this is our core belief and the reason why we put each client’s specific background and preferences at the heart of our work – supported by our open architecture approach to ESG data. Thus, being recognized for the results this approach has yielded means being recognized for the problems we were able to solve with and for our clients. This is what makes this award special to us and provides us the motivation to continue on our path. We thank our partners, collaborators, and clients for their continued trust in our approach and the opportunity to contribute our part to solving the generational challenge of our time: climate change.”

Solactive offers both standardized and customized climate index solutions for equity as well as fixed income and has established experience and innovation strength with more than 1,000 ESG indices. As a leading provider of indexing and benchmarking solutions for the global investment community, Solactive’s open architecture approach – working with many different providers of ESG data – and its long-standing focus on tailoring indices to clients’ needs are key differentiators in the indexing industry and sit at the core of its many innovative launches in the climate space.

The 2022 Sustainable Investment Awards’ objective is to recognize asset managers, analysts, and data providers incorporating ESG across all asset classes (fixed income, listed and private equity, debt funds, multi asset funds, infrastructure funds and fund of funds). The “Climate Index Provider of the Year” recognizes the efforts of index providers in providing products specifically to address climate change or climate-related risks.