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Solactive releases Core Index Family – strengthens partnership with LGIM

Solactive is pleased to announce today’s release of a wide range of ETFs that are based on the company’s newly established Core Index Family. LGIM, as one of the biggest Asset Managers in Europe, utilizes Solactive’s Core Index Family of indices as underlying for six Core Equity ETFs, covering large and mid-cap equity markets on a global scale as well as in selected regions and countries. The launch of the ETF series denotes LGIM’s premiere of their own ETFs.

We feel quite honored to be chosen as the initial index provider for LGIM’s first big own ETF launch,” comments Timo Pfeiffer, Head of Research at Solactive. “The combination of this momentous event with our own major release of our new index family makes it even more exciting since we can proudly say that our recently established Global Benchmark Series resonates within the industry.”

Adopting the Solactive Global Benchmark Series (GBS) as starting universe, the Core Index Family excludes companies based on LGIM’s proprietary Future World Protection List (FWPL), which screens out businesses associated with one or more of the following factors: involvement in the manufacture of controversial weapons, persistent violations of the UN Global Compact, and pure coal mining companies.

Timo Pfeiffer commented: As more investors raise awareness for general business practices of companies, responsible investment principles will become imperative for future investment decisions and products.”

Howie Li, Head of ETFs at Legal & General Investment Management, commented: “We believe that our clients can expect more than just low costs from core equity ETFs. The end-to-end design and ongoing management of our core range is a reflection of our long-term values and the result of feedback from clients, with whom we agree that core ETFs need to be redefined in favour of the investor. Solactive work with us to help us meet that ambition. We recognise that given Solactive’s market-leading capability in this industry, with over 10 years’ experience and $200 billion invested in their index-linked products, as at January 2018, enables us to keep costs low for our core equity ETF investors and to ensure that the active steps we have taken in the design of core equity ETFs are transparently incorporated and independently calculated.”

LGIM’s Core Equity ETFs will launch on November 13th, 2018.