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Solactive Launches Future Trends Report 2022 Highlighting Future Technology, Environmental Change, and the Future of Health & Living

Solactive starts off the second quarter of 2022 with the release of the Future Trends Report, developed and written by its Research team. The Solactive Future Trends provides an outlook into current and future investment themes driven by the key drivers that change our world. It anticipates megatrends that could significantly impact the world and fuel business growth for current and future corporations.

Megatrends are major long-term evolutions in society, economics, and the environment that affect our lives while driving business growth. In the report, Solactive concentrates on identifying major beneficiaries of specific themes and opportunities, clustered into three categories: Future Technology, Environmental Change, and the Future of Health & Living.  In the launch video and on our website, our researchers outline some of the main features of the Solactive Future Trends 2022 Report.

Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive, says: “Thematic investing has gained momentum in the passive asset management industry. The Solactive Future Trends Report is our take on some of the exciting thematic opportunities driven by global megatrends. It sheds light on new opportunities that could form the basis for the next generation of innovative thematic index strategies.

Konrad Sippel, Head of Research at Solactive, comments: In the Future Trends we highlight 35 thematic investment ideas that we believe have the potential to shape the future and catch investors interests. For each theme, the team has provided some background and rationale and we look forward to engaging with market participants to discuss those ideas further and ultimately turn them into investable indices.”

The Solactive Future Trends Report is available for download free of charge on Solactive’s website. The document can be a starting point for the creation of various thematic and megatrends investment strategies. Using Solactive’s efficient IT infrastructure and the proprietary NLP-based thematic selection engine ARTIS®, issuers can mix and match different themes and ideas from the report to create bespoke and tailor-made solutions, making it possible to create not only products on single themes but also to construct broader thematic investment concepts also adding their own views and ideas on the construction of the themes.