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Solactive Enters Japanese Market with its ETF Services Business, Providing iNAV Calculation and Daily Portfolio Composition Files for Four Thematic ETFs

Solactive is pleased to announce a substantial expansion of its ETF Services business in the APAC market. From June 23rd, 2021, the German index provider delivers iNAV Calculations and Daily Portfolio Composition Files (PCF) for four thematic ETFs listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange. The joint effort involving one of Solactive’s major business partners in Japan, Global X Japan, and the TSE itself, demonstrates Solactive’s commitment to supporting its clients in both the setup and ongoing management of its investment products. With more than 2,000 iNAV calculations daily, Solactive has become one of the most prominent global players in the ETF Services business.

In addition to its benchmarking services, Solactive specialized from early on in providing a wide range of solutions that meet individual challenges faced by ETF/ETP providers. One of Solactive’s core disciplines is providing its clients the real-time calculation of Indicative Net Asset Value (iNAV) across all asset classes and replication methods. iNAVs measure an ETF’s intraday/real-time value based on its underlying constituents. Generally, iNAVs are consulted as a reference point for estimating a fair value of an ETF. Additionally, Solactive is also a prominent global player within the PCF ecosystem, with the capability of creating customized PCFs from raw data, or re-formatting existing PCFs to fit the needs of various stakeholders.

Steffen Scheuble, CEO of Solactive, comments: ”Solactive holds a holistic portfolio of services for its clients, and apart from our most visible business – which is the offering of benchmarks – we are devoted to providing our clients the full spectrum of services around their benchmarking business. With Global X Japan engaging Solactive as iNAV calculation and PCF creation agent for four ETFs, we have taken a significant step in terms of expanding our business to one of the most important global capital markets. We are also very honored and thankful for the guidance and support of the Tokyo Stock Exchange during this collaboration, and we look forward to further increasing our offering to other issuers in the Land of the Rising Sun.”

Jooyoung Yun, CIO at Global X Japan, comments: We are pleased to cooperate with Solactive in the area of iNAV and PCF. As a pioneer of thematic ETFs in Japan, Global X Japan will continuously introduce differentiated ideas and innovative investment opportunities in Japan and around the world.