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Solactive Aerospace and Defense Index Drives Launch for Timefolio Asset Management ETF

The aerospace and defense sector is poised for significant growth, driven by increased demand for passenger flights, advancements in emerging markets, and geopolitical challenges.1 In response to this dynamic landscape, Solactive is pleased to announce that Timefolio Asset Management has listed the TIMEFOLIO Global SpaceTech & Defense Active ETF tracking the Solactive Aerospace and Defense Index.

The Solactive Aerospace and Defense Index is designed to capture the performance of companies operating in the aerospace and defense industry, including weapon systems and services, military navigational system, telecommunication equipment and jet engines. It includes the top 30 global companies selected as constituents and weighted by free float market capitalization from the Solactive GBS Developed Markets All Cap Index, meeting liquidity criteria. The index offers investors with strategic exposure to the highly specialized space of aerospace and defense sector with advanced technological capabilities, amid the growing demand for global security.

The ETF listed on 23 April on the Korea Stock Exchange with the ticker code 478150.KS.

Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive, commented“We are honored that Timefolio has selected our aerospace and defense index as the benchmark for this active ETF as the second collaboration. We look forward to strengthening the partnership with Timefolio to provide continuous support on diverse product ideas in the future.”

Namie Kim, Head of ETF Department at Timefolio Asset Management, said: “The evolving landscape of geopolitical tensions, exacerbated by regional conflicts and technological advancements, poses complex challenges to global stability and security. We are pleased to offer our domestic investors a timely access to the Global Defense Industry with a focus on Space technology.”

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