MARKET WATCH | Solactive Global Technology Leaders Index | June 2021

The following industries are initially part of our coverage for the July 2021 selection:

Travel Agencies  
Travel Publishers  
Internet Footwear Retail  
Internet Entertainment Retail  
Internet Furniture and Home Furnishings Retail  
Internet Department Stores  
Internet Discount Stores  
Internet Off-Price Retail  
Internet Warehouse / Superstore Retail  
Other Internet Health and Personal Care Retail  
Internet Pharmacies and Drug Retail  
Online Marketing and Advertising Support Services  
Other Human Resources Consulting and PEO Services  
Payroll Services  
Government IT Services  
Government and Public Service Industry Software  
Not-For-Profit Industry Software  
Diverse Business Process Outsourcing Services  
Legal, Tax and Accounting Industry Software  
Hospitality Industry Software  
Hospitality IT Services  
Online Gaming Systems  
Food Delivery Services  
Print and Prepress Industry Software  
Automotive Industry Software  
Vehicle Autonomous Control Software  
Internet Motor Vehicle Sales  
Internet Automotive Parts Sales  
Internet Office Supplies Retail  
Internet Pet and Pet Supply Retail  
Retail Industry Software  
Auto Interior Comfort/Safety/Electronics Products  
Vehicle Autonomous Control Electronics Makers  
Alternative Energy Car Manufacturers  
Internet Accessories Retail  
Internet Apparel Retail  
Computer and Software Stores  
Internet Electronics Retail  
Internet Building Materials / Garden Supply Retail  
Energy and Utilities IT Services  
Energy Industry Software  
Multinational Internet Banks New
United States Internet Banks New
Real Estate and Construction Industry Software  
Electronic Payment Processing  
Mixed Electronic Transaction Processing  
Cryptocurrency Trading and Exchanges  
Peer-to-Peer Lending New
Cryptocurrency Mining  
Commercial Bank and Credit Union Software  
Insurance Software  
Investment Management/Brokerage Software  
Other Finance Industry Software  
Payment Processing Software  
Trading Software  
Blockchain Technology  
Financial Services IT Services  
Drug Development Software  
Healthcare Management Software  
Healthcare Operations Support Software  
Other Healthcare and Pharma Industry Software  
Patient Data Management Software  
Healthcare IT Services  
Bioanalytical Consumables  
Scientific Analytical Instruments  
Surgical Robotic Systems  
Oncology Devices  
Autonomous Drone Manufacturers  
Autonomous Drone Parts Manufacturers  
Satellite Systems Manufacturing  
Aerospace and Defense IT Services  
Defense Electronics Equipment Manufacturing  
Defense Training and Testing Providers  
Heavy-Duty and High-End Batteries Manufacturing  
Fuel Cell Equipment and Technology Providers  
Industrial Robots and Robotic Assembly Line Makers  
3D Modeling/Rapid Prototyping Automation Providers  
Paper and Textile Automation Providers  
General Factory Automation Makers  
Mixed Industrial Machinery Parts/Equipment Makers  
Monitoring and Control Sensor/Instrument Products  
Autonomous Commerical/Transit Vehicle Production  
Autonomous Control Truck Production  
Autonomous Control Ship Builders  
Transportation Industry Software  
Nanotechnology Materials Manufacturing  
Consumer Batteries Manufacturing  
Household Robot Makers  
Utilities Industry Software